Tuesday View (27th May)

The storm that hit us last night was short, but horrible, and as I stood at the window watching the wind whipping our trees, and the path turning to a river, my only thought was my peonies… They had only just begun to open on Sunday, and with the heavy buds weighed down by the torrential rain I feared they would not only be flattened but also the stems might break. However, on assessing the damage this morning I was extremely lucky – only one is a problem as I can’t stake it any better on the steep (and now slippery) slope…

Paeonia horizontalis!


We had strong sunshine for a while in the morning, but you can see the sky looks a bit stormy in today’s view…


And late afternoon we had more very heavy rain. I’m amazed how well the poppies stand up to it.


Here is a different view of the rockery today, taken from the bottom of the opposite side.


And my favourite flower today was this Geranium macrorrhizum. The lavender buds next to it will be open by next week. 🙂


What’s your favourite flower today?