Elderflower Salad Dressing


The elderflowers are blooming and I have already made my Elderflower Cordial (see my recipe here). I love going up into the woods – just me and the trees – to pick the huge scented flowers. That’s what I call aromatherapy!

But I still had half a small bottle of last year’s cordial left, which had been eked out over winter. Time to use that up! This is hardly a recipe, more of a suggestion… add some to your salad!


I used my homegrown salad leaves, but any salad will do. Mix 2 tbsps olive oil, 2 tbsps white wine vinegar, 2 tsps elderflower cordial, and a little black pepper.


And enjoy the taste of summer!

Do you have elderflowers grow near you, and do you use them for anything?