In a Vase on Monday: Simply Sweet

I’m getting a little more adventurous…


This week, as I gathered my flowers for Cathy’s “In a Vase on Monday” challenge, I knew I wanted to use some reddish brown foliage I had seen in the wild part of our garden. I’ve been observing what other participants have been putting in their vases and foliage is such a good start to the thinking process. To compliment the Copper Beech I was considering cutting some Centranthus rubra, but have no idea if it lasts in a vase, so I went for some red and pink Sweet Williams instead, which greeted me with their fragrance. Walking back towards the house I was drawn to the Goat’s Beard, beckoning elegantly with some flowers just starting to open. I like it at this stage best, before it goes all fuzzy! A few steps further and a small white Peony called for me to rescue it from the heat (it’s been a scorching 30 degrees the last few days!). The grass flowers from Phalaris arundinacea waved to me as I crossed the top lawn, while some Alchemilla brushed my legs as I passed by.



I think my garden spoke to me and chose the vase itself!


I fussed around a bit this week, trying to imagine how a real flower arranger would think, and I was quite pleased with the result. Having some extra time on my hands also helped – it’s a bank holiday weekend here.


Does your garden speak to you?

(Or do you think I’m just suffering a little from the heat…?)


Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this challenge, which encourages us to fill a vase with flowers every Monday from our own gardens. Take a look at some of the other inspiring vases this week, linked in on her site.