In a Vase on Monday: Simply Sweet

I’m getting a little more adventurous…


This week, as I gathered my flowers for Cathy’s “In a Vase on Monday” challenge, I knew I wanted to use some reddish brown foliage I had seen in the wild part of our garden. I’ve been observing what other participants have been putting in their vases and foliage is such a good start to the thinking process. To compliment the Copper Beech I was considering cutting some Centranthus rubra, but have no idea if it lasts in a vase, so I went for some red and pink Sweet Williams instead, which greeted me with their fragrance. Walking back towards the house I was drawn to the Goat’s Beard, beckoning elegantly with some flowers just starting to open. I like it at this stage best, before it goes all fuzzy! A few steps further and a small white Peony called for me to rescue it from the heat (it’s been a scorching 30 degrees the last few days!). The grass flowers from Phalaris arundinacea waved to me as I crossed the top lawn, while some Alchemilla brushed my legs as I passed by.



I think my garden spoke to me and chose the vase itself!


I fussed around a bit this week, trying to imagine how a real flower arranger would think, and I was quite pleased with the result. Having some extra time on my hands also helped – it’s a bank holiday weekend here.


Does your garden speak to you?

(Or do you think I’m just suffering a little from the heat…?)


Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this challenge, which encourages us to fill a vase with flowers every Monday from our own gardens. Take a look at some of the other inspiring vases this week, linked in on her site.

34 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Simply Sweet

  1. It’ s Pfingsten isn’ t it? How nice to have a holiday whilst you have a heatwave. It was gorgeous here too yesterday, but obviously not so hot. My garden was speaking to me and saying’: Why don’ t you lie in your hammock?’ So I did.
    I love your arrangement Cathy, what gorgeous rich colours, it looks really opulent. The Aruncus goes really well with it too.
    You must be very pleased with it.

    • That’s right – or Whitsun (or Pentecost). We also considered the hammock over he weekend, but it was so hot we ended up staying inside in the cool! I’m hoping there will be plenty more hammock days… Thanks for your lovely comment Chloris. My confidence is growing!

  2. how does it come that you have bank holiday when we have free monday because of pfingsten. the arrangement of the vase is faboulus, i enjoy your blog a lot and look differetnly at the gardens that i meet while i am walking outside because i am learning so many names of the flowers and recognize them much more easily.

  3. Enjoy your long weekend Cathy. What is Pfingsten? I have Goat’s Beard too which is in a similar state of opening. The plant could do with dividing but it nearly polished himself off last time he did so 🙂

    • Hi Anna. Chloris’s comment helped confuse everyone… it was Whitsun! I don’t think I could ever dig my Goat’s Beard up either as it’s got enormous roots! I do chop back quite a bit when it starts shooting though.

  4. I don’t know what Pfinsten is either, great that the weather is nice for the holiday, here it has become too hot. Almost 35° C today, cretainly my garden speaks to me and tells me what it needs! Your vase is lovely today, all full of summer treaures.

    • Whitsun. We get all the religious holidays here… in May and June we also get a Thursday off for Corpus Christi and Ascension Day! Same weather as you again here today Christina… 32 in the shade! My garden needs rain and cool refreshing nights!

  5. I love the mixture. Yes, I never thought of it as talking but I do have to go and just see the plants on my own and rescue the little ones if weeds are attacking them. Amelia

    • You just made an important remark… to see the garden “on my own” is very important to me too! It’s a very personal thing, gardening, isn’t it? 🙂

    • And mine is now crying out for some rain! We were spoilt in spring with such a nice mix, and now they are saying the forest fire danger is high.

  6. Such a lovely combination of flowers, love the scented Sweet Williams.
    Yes, plants speak to me too and tell me when they need water. And … sometimes I say a “Thank you” for blooming so beautifully!

    • I was lucky enough to get some Sweet Williams from a neighbour some years ago, but seed is hard to find and mine are gradually dwindling… will have to visit that neighbour again!

  7. Wow, I love this Cathy. Looks very professional. It’s nice how the red center of the white peony picks up the dark red of the sweet william and your foliage choices all add a lot interest.

    • Thanks Susie! What I love about this meme is that everyone sees something different in the arrangement… I only now see how the centre of the peony and the sweet william match up!

  8. I Googled Pfingsten so have learned something new – it’s Pentecost, but the equivalent UK bank holiday is now fixed as the last Monday in May. I love that last picture – and thanks for sharing your thought process as well as the vase, as it is good to hear where ideas have come from. Funnily enough I noticed aruncus in my garden today and was thinking I must remember to use it for a vase and I have a mental note to sow sweet william for next year and although I have bought some plants this year but they are not flowering yet.

    • It was a deifinite “go with the flow” choice this week! My relaxed mood and the heat played a role too! 😉 I actually cut the flowers on Sunday, and they look as good as new except for the peony which was already wilting when I cut it. My Sweet Williams have dwindled down to just a few plants this year, so I shall have to find some seed soon too.

  9. Very beautiful Cathy, you always have beautiful vases for your flowers! 🙂 My garden speaks to me everyday, so do the weeds and when I go to a nursery, everything wants me to buy them and take them home! 🙂 I hope you had a nice long weekend!!

    • Thank you Michael! I know what you mean about the nursery plants crying out to be bought! 😉 We had a lovely, if rather hot, weekend thank you!

  10. Oh, this is just the sort of challenge I’d love.. except I couldn’t even think about beginning until mid August, even then we have so little flowering in the garden. I will live vicariously through yours, I think you did a beautiful job, every bit as professional as a shop!

  11. A nice color composition there, Cathy! I sympathize with you over the heat – I hope it passes quickly instead of settling in. Yes, my flowers speak to me, sometimes vying for attention and other times telling me I need to wait before I cut them as they need to grow even prettier.

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