Tuesday View (10th June)

Light can play a major role in any garden, and recently the strong sun has been so glaring, making my photos all look rather surreal. So with our heatwave set to continue for the next few days I decided to take today’s shot early in the day.

At 8am the sun was already very bright, lighting up most of the rockery, but with some shade from the house still…


Just behind the silver birch trees at the back of the photo is steep woodland, where the elder trees grow.

The lavender is getting bluer by the day and the roses are opening: I love the lime green geranium foliage in the centre. I think it’s Geranium ‘Blue Sunrise’.


The Perovskia (Blue Spires) on the left of the photo below will be the highlight mid-summer, and is filling out nicely. The red rose shrub (unidentified as yet) seems bigger this year and has just begun to open.


Last week I mentioned I was going to make Lavender ice cream… well, here’s the link to the original recipe I posted a couple of years ago, and here’s a photo of this year’s first taste of summer! (Just to tempt you!) 😉

Lavender ice cream

Have a great week!