In a Vase on Monday: Wild Romance

Linking in to Cathy’s “In a Vase on Monday” meme, I once again found it very enjoyable walking round the garden looking for something to put in a vase.


With the lavender blooming so beautifully I started with a few sprigs that were spreading across the pathway, and then decided to finally try Centranthus ruber in a vase, as I have no idea how long it lasts once cut. I added a white Sweet William to complete the romantic look, and then I went wild! Vetch, Ground Elder flowers and various grasses…


I am so pleased the ground elder looks good in a vase, as I am constantly cursing it in the garden! Maybe I can learn to love it after all…


The Centranthus (also called Jupiter’s Beard or Valerian) is the main summer focus in the rockery, so it really was high time to try cutting some to bring indoors too. I shall report back on how it lasts.


For more beautiful vases on a Monday have a look at Cathy’s site “Rambling in the Garden”, where other contributors have linked in. Thank you Cathy! I’m loving this!