In a Vase on Monday: Wild Romance

Linking in to Cathy’s “In a Vase on Monday” meme, I once again found it very enjoyable walking round the garden looking for something to put in a vase.


With the lavender blooming so beautifully I started with a few sprigs that were spreading across the pathway, and then decided to finally try Centranthus ruber in a vase, as I have no idea how long it lasts once cut. I added a white Sweet William to complete the romantic look, and then I went wild! Vetch, Ground Elder flowers and various grasses…


I am so pleased the ground elder looks good in a vase, as I am constantly cursing it in the garden! Maybe I can learn to love it after all…


The Centranthus (also called Jupiter’s Beard or Valerian) is the main summer focus in the rockery, so it really was high time to try cutting some to bring indoors too. I shall report back on how it lasts.


For more beautiful vases on a Monday have a look at Cathy’s site “Rambling in the Garden”, where other contributors have linked in. Thank you Cathy! I’m loving this!

27 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Wild Romance

  1. Beautiful arrangement and photographs Cathy. This is indeed a romantic collection. I like your white Sweet William and I think I need to try to grow Centranthus–very pretty.

    • The Centranthus can be a little unruly sometimes, but not only is it nice and colourful, it is drought-proof and THE hit for the pollinators! 🙂

  2. Isn’t it good to be able to include things that might otherwise be weeded out of the garden, Cathy? The quantity of blooms speaks volumes too – proclaiming the bounty of the earth, don’t you think? After introducing valerian in a previous garden I am afraid I am not going to risk introducing it here, even though it does look lovely in your vase!! Thanks for allowing us to share your wild romance 😉

    • Yes, valerian can become quite prolific! The vetch has a spot of its own near the orange day lilies, and the colours look rather pretty together. But ground elder seems to be everywhere!

  3. It is so pretty Cathy. Ground elder is amazingly pretty and dainty in a vase. Perhaps we should tell everyone that we grow it on purpose for flower arranging. Everyone will be wanting some.

    • Thanks Chloris – good to know I’m not the only one with ground elder. Yes, we could perhaps start potting it up and selling it as a beautiful ground cover plant! 😉

  4. I love this full vase. It expresses the bounty that is summer so well. Which is the flower of the Ground Elder? I don’t think I’ve ever seen the flowers. Is it the one that looks like the flowers of sambucus ( proper Elder)?

    • Thanks Christina. Yes, the ground elder is the white flower that looks like elder (hence the name) but isn’t related. How lucky you are not to have it in your garden!

  5. What a beautiful flouncy vase you have made today Cathy – it captures the romance of June perfectly! I am trying to establish valerian in my garden but without success yet – I do hope it lasts well for you.

    • I think the Centranthus is one of those plants that chooses where it grows, and I seem to have ideal conditions for it! I love the word you chose to describe my vase -‘flouncy’ is perfect! I had been thinking of gypsy romance and ruffled skirts… 😉

  6. Looks great, you’re right that the ground elder makes a nice flower for the vase. I have to say my favorite part of the pictures is the background showing the slope. I never knew centranthus was so bright! Mine was always a faded wishy washy pink.

    • Thanks Frank. My centranthus is a very deep reddish pink…. maybe there are other sorts? The mass of flowers also helps make the colour appear stronger.

  7. So beautiful, I love umbellifers, they add such romance and lightness to a flower bouquet. I can just see you sitting at that table surrounded by your beautiful garden and countryside 🙂

  8. A cameo that sings of summer Cathy. Valerian is one of those flowers that I often see in other gardens and think that I would like to grow it. Have never come across it for sale at plant fairs or garden centres though and none of my friends grow it. I think that it will be on next year’s seed list.

    • If you do ever see some in a nearby garden a little piece takes root really quickly! Hope you manage to find some as it attracts so may bees and butterflies!

  9. Is that a lush, green lawn I see in the background? Lucky you! Hot & very dry here in SW France. No rain to speak of for ages & things are starting to enter their second hibernation period away from the crushing heat. It’s come early this year & we’re already wondering if we will have enough rainwater to quench the thirst of our pitifully small veg. plants. Enjoy the lushness in a vase!

    • It is beginning to turn brown here too Lindsay, as we haven’t had rain for so long and it has been hot and windy. it does look very green in the photo though! Many plants in the rockery are starting to shrivel up too. Let’s hope we both get some nice showers for a few nights! 😉

  10. Hello there Cathy !
    This is my first time here I think and I love seeing a meme on flowers in a vase ! Truly gorgeous !
    Your garden does look very lush .. I know some times what we see with our eyes and what the camera sees can be two different things .. but both ways are so pretty : )

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