Midsummer Haiku

June is a month for daydreaming.


As I was cutting up strawberries for jam the other day, I took a trip down memory lane and thought about everything June is to me. Here are a few things that came to mind…

June is


Tickling my nose,

getting behind photoframes,

simply everywhere!


Wimbledon! Walking home from the school bus on hot afternoons, the street would be quiet. Curtains were drawn against the sun, waving in the breeze – no sound except  the “pop”, “pop” of tennis ball against racket, heard from all the neighbours’ living room TVs. I would hurry as my thoughts turned to the glass of cold Ribena I would enjoy when I got in, and the match I would watch until tea time…

What’s for tea tonight?

Maybe there’ll be strawberries?

With a dash of cream.

Wild Strawberries

Strawberries! Early mornings, cycling to the strawberry fields before the sun gets too hot, daydreaming about lunch: a big bowl of strawberries with cream or yoghurt, or perhaps some creme fraiche? Picking them in the quiet is like meditating, and – totally lost in thought – the smell, sweet and sticky on my fingers, lingers.

Red, shiny plumpness

Waiting for me. The warm juice

trickles down my chin.


Exam time! Being a teacher means I never left this behind after leaving school… June is always too hot for exams – sweaty hands, rolled up sleeves, long train rides for external exams with the air-conditioning barely cooling the carriages. And then the relief after it’s all over. Like the relief a thunderstorm brings after a heatwave…

The nervous laughter

rings out in the corridor.

Fears, tears, butterflies.



Glowworms! If they make an appearance, which doesn’t happen every year, the woodland path in our garden looks simply magical as they dance and hover silently in the darkness for just a few nights, and then vanish again until next year?

Little white beacon,

send your signal to be found.

A fleeting wonder.


What is June for you?


39 thoughts on “Midsummer Haiku

  1. Yes, magical! You’ve captured June very well. I’ve never heard of Thunderflies but we’ve had lighting bugs glowing in the evening for the last week.

    • Hi Susie. Thunderflies are tiny weeny little black flies – they often used to appear at harvest time too as they lived in the cornfields. They appear en masse depending on weather conditions and get everywhere. Completely harmless, but annoying! I’m still waiting for the glowworms/ fireflies here….

  2. You are a great haiku writer, Cathy! I loved all of them, such perfect June imagery. I won’t try my hand at haiku this late at night, but for us the special highlights of June are: monsoon rains, the return of green landscape, morning glories everywhere verdolagas (purslane) for lunch, and the occasional turtle visiting the garden. Wishing you a happy weekend 😀

    • Thanks for the praise Kathryn! Your June sounds so exotic to me – I’d love to see turtles in my garden! Thanks for sharing, and have a great weekend too!

  3. Glowworms? Are those fireflies? (Or what we called “lightning bugs”? I just mentioned this to Canadian blogger–we haven’t seen ours yet and wonder if the harsh winter had anything to do with it (or that late burst of wet spring)? Because, since you ask, fireflies are what means it’s *really* summer. Oh, and dragonflies. They showed up the other day! Happy longest day of the year!!!

    • I suppose they are fireflies – all the same family but the ones we get both the male and female glow… the female doesn’t fly but just sits around “glowing” while the men fly around! I think we need a long warm period for them to show up here – the nights have been too cool so far, but I’m hoping they’ll be around soon!

  4. When I was a teenager, I went to stay with my penfriend near Coblenz and the glowworms in the woods were magical! Yes, June is tennis and Wimbledon and Devon cream teas, yummy!

  5. June for me is strawberries and sunshine enjoyed through snotty half ever nose and itchy eyes. Also very emotional as it’s my daughters birthday in June and I always get soppy!

  6. Oh Cathy, you have written wonderful poetry. I have to go out to look after our glowworms (females sitting in the grass). Also in June I will see the annual fireworks, which will finish my hometown´s Schützenfest – Fair. I don´t like to miss it – one of the best fireworks, one can see.
    Let´s shine and glow 🙂

    • 🙂 We haven’t seen any glow worms yet… they are often sitting on the compost heap, but we have flying ones in the trees too. Enjoy your fireworks festival!

  7. Happy longest day Cathy, this is truly a turning point in the year, June is all things good, all the new vegetables being harvested but is also the beginning of summer being too hot (not yet this year, smiley face!

    • Thank you Christina! We have also been lucky and it hasn’t really heated up yet except for the mini heatwave we had. We had one night of rain last week, and very cool nights too. 🙂

    • I’m hoping it has arrived in your part of the world too Sheryl. After such a long winter and cool spring I hope it’s a great summer for you!

  8. I think your picture from the hammock best sums up June for me. Calm, relaxing, bird filled days…. or at least that’s the part I like to remember! Forget the exams and too-hot days 🙂
    I had to look up thunderflies and was glad to not know what they were once I read the descriptions. Quite a few negative comments, and they seem to be a bad mix with electronic equipment!

    • That’s right! Fortunately the thunderflies are not too numerous this year, but in the UK we had a plague of them one year… not very nice!

  9. I enjoyed your trip down memory lane, Cathy, and we just made some strawberry jam today. June is about swimming, sizzling heat, wildflower meadows, walks, cycling…BBQ, dreaming under the stars at night, listening to cicadas, frogs…eating the first ripe, sun warmed tomatoes…and about watering the garden as it’s sooo dry!

    • I thought of that when I saw your post Donna, so was just a bit too late switching on my brain! But that’s also a part of June…. chilling out and being disorganized! 😉

  10. Yeah, Cathy! Lovely pictures and accompanying haiku.

    June is many things for me: both of my sons were born in June. Father’s Day, always bitter sweet having lost my dad at such a young age. Summer Solstice. Long evenings, warm days, and a garden humming along.

    I hope to see a glow worm one day. That would be fun.

  11. This is a great post, I enjoyed all you memories. June for me: driving to Michigan to pick strawberries and sour cherries. Wild columbine, hardy geraniums and the first roses to bloom. The farmers’ markets re-opening.

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