Tuesday View (24th June)

Today’s view…


This side of the rockery is still looking healthy, despite the severe lack of rain, but the south-west side below the birch trees is looking decidedly singed. Let’s hope it rains soon!

I couldn’t possibly let today – St John’s Day- pass without mentioning St John’s Wort. This is a plant that I think I need to spread around the garden a little more, despite untidy growth, as the yellow flowers make a lovely contrast to the lavenders and the shades of pink and red from the roses and Centranthus. This spring I cut about a third of the new growth on one plant as an experiment, to prevent it from growing too straggly, and it seems to have helped – a little!

Hypericum perforatum

St Johns Wort

In old Germanic folklore this plant was honoured as a symbol of the sun and for bringing light. It traditionally opens on or around June 24th, but this year was about 2 weeks early. Summer solstice celebrations used to make use of the yellow flowers for garlands and decorations. Nowadays it is still used in natural remedies for depression or sleep disorders, due to its calming properties.

St Johns Wort2

Here is another Hypericum I have in the garden – this one is more like a shrub, but I don’t remember the name. It produces lovely orange/red seedheads, like berries, in the summer.


Do you grow any type of Hypericum/St John’s Wort?