Tuesday View (1st July)

We have finally had rain! A good soaking too, followed by a few showery days. The garden has bounced back and looks green and refreshed again now…


I like the white lavender in the foreground as it adds a spot of light, next to the lime green leaves of the Geranium. And the red rose at the top is weighed down with blooms – some of which have already been removed after all the rain battered them. The Centranthus – deadheaded since the rain – is producing new flowers already. I’m also happy to see that the Perovskia – top left – is showing a very slight tinge of blue and should be opening soon too.


If you saw my post yesterday you will know I have a beautiful Echinacea called ‘Orange Passion’. Here it is on the other side of the rockery, with 15 flowers/buds – not 13 as counted a few days ago! Definitely my favourite plant at the moment!


What’s your favourite plant this week?