Tuesday View (1st July)

We have finally had rain! A good soaking too, followed by a few showery days. The garden has bounced back and looks green and refreshed again now…


I like the white lavender in the foreground as it adds a spot of light, next to the lime green leaves of the Geranium. And the red rose at the top is weighed down with blooms – some of which have already been removed after all the rain battered them. The Centranthus – deadheaded since the rain – is producing new flowers already. I’m also happy to see that the Perovskia – top left – is showing a very slight tinge of blue and should be opening soon too.


If you saw my post yesterday you will know I have a beautiful Echinacea called ‘Orange Passion’. Here it is on the other side of the rockery, with 15 flowers/buds – not 13 as counted a few days ago! Definitely my favourite plant at the moment!


What’s your favourite plant this week?


36 thoughts on “Tuesday View (1st July)

  1. My favorite plant this week is Hypericum prolificum, a deciduous shrub with dime-size vivid yellow blooms and very narrow foliage. I wrote a garden column about it this morning for the Greenville News!

    • I had to look that one up Marian. It looks nice and bushy. The H. perforatum I have gets tall and willowy and then topples over! I’d like some more yellows at this time of year, so will have to keep an eye out for that one. Thank you!

  2. Your garden looks lively after a drink, where scheduled for rain (and wind) tomorrow so I hope it will prevent the brown and crispy look which is imminent after a month without significant rain.
    The Echinacea is lovely but I’m intrigued by the dark red flowers (top center) can you id please?
    Thank you

  3. Amazing color! Your slope this week makes me want to place a tourist in front and snap a few pictures, it really looks great.
    My favorite plant this week is a lotus seedling I have growing along in a bucket on the driveway. It’s nothing more than a few pads of green, but it’s my baby 🙂

    • Thank you Frank! It’s one of the best times of year for the south side of the slope… the other (south-west) side tends to get a bit frazzled. A lotus sounds very exotic… take care of it, and hope to see a photo when it’s old enough!

  4. Oh we had that good soaking too which was much appreciated. That echinacea looks most cheery Cathy. My favourite plant this week are the daylilies which have just started to open.

    • Good to hear you had rain too Anna, as many seem to be waiting in vain. The day lilies opened early here, but have lasted very well so far.

  5. Everything looks so green and all the beautiful flowers!! I agree with you the Orange Passion is fantastic! 🙂 I am so glad you got rain, it sure helps everything especially if you get a slow rain instead of a flood. We a flood rains all day yesterday and last night. It damaged most all of my Oriental Lily flowers that had just bloomed. My favorite flower this week are the Oriental Lilies! 🙂

    • Thanks Michael. What a shame about your lilies. It always seems to rain just as a precious flower has opened. I’m still waiting for mine to flower… 🙂

  6. Ah, the benefits of rain are readily apparent Cathy. The plants on your slope look so happy. I have a few gladiolas that are starting to bloom and making me smile.

    • Gladioli are gorgeous blooms – so cheerful. I hope to visit our gladioli fields again soon, but they aren’t flowering here yet.

    • Thanks Charlie. It really is, and it’s very hard to just sit and enjoy it as I get so much pleasure from working in the middle of it all!

  7. These are breathtaking pictures of your garden, Cathy.
    My flower of the week is a yellow one, I´ve found yesterday in a desert like area. Not quiet sure, is it a wild plant or a garden plant gone wild.

  8. doesn’t the rain make sooooooo much difference Cathy. Your view is full of colour now, all woven together like a tapestry. My favourite flower this week? It has to be either the sunflower I showed today or the Perovskia which seems very blue this year, probably due to the rain.

    • Woven together is an apt description – I can barely step between plants now! I am looking forward to my Perovskia flowering too. And I have just one sunflower in a pot…. no comparison to yours I’m afraid!

  9. It looks wonderful Cathy, so full of colour. I envy you the rain we only got a shower which did no good at all.
    I think you can always tell a really keen gardener by knowing whether or not they count their flowers! We all do it don’ t we?
    My favourite plant this week is Lilium ‘ Night Flyer’.

    • I should have counted the peony flowers, as they were more numerous than ever before this year! (And now there are 18 buds on the Echinacea!) I’m counting daily! 😉 Hope you get some more rain Chloris.

  10. Your slope looks truly wonderful, so much colour and all the plants are looking very happy after their drink of water!
    My favourite flower at the moment is Zantedeschia aethiopica in the bog garden, it is so huge and putting out more flowers all the time.

    • Isn’t it wonderful when we have one plant in our gardens like that which can bring so much pleasure! I think some plants must thrive on admiration! 😉

  11. Your rockery is lapping up the rain and looks great. I have never dead-headed Centranthus, such a shame as they did so well this year. Oh well, live and learn, there is always next year. My yellow Achillea are my favourite this week. Amelia

    • A shame it’s too late to try deadheading the Centranthus… mine keep going until autumn, albeit not as profuse as in early summer. They set seed well, so I still leave some seedheads standing too. Enjoy your Achillea… mine is just opening too!

  12. That is gorgeous Cathy! Definitely my favorite shot of that area! You have done a splendid job of blending and layering. My favorite plant this week (in my garden) has been a dark purple delphinium. It opened near some white cone flowers.

    • Thank you for such a nice comment! That sounds like a beautiful combination of purple and white. I should love to grow delphiniums but with our snails it’s practically impossible, so I have to admire them in other gardens instead!

    • The Echinacea has been watered regularly as it’s a newcomer, so it is rewarding me! The colour seems to be getting more intense every day too Sheryl!
      Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks Donna! I wish I could grow lilies in the garden… only the day lilies seem to thrive but I have tried a few oriental ones in pots this year, so we will see!

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