In a Vase on Monday: Hot Pink


My lovely sister has been over from the UK for a while, so I asked her to do my vase this week. She was a little nervous…. have you ever cut flowers in someone else’s garden?!

I think the result is gorgeous though!


“Hot Pink” because it has been very hot here, and there are lots of pinky purply shades in the vase today: the Fairy Rose, Teucrium, one purple Allium, some Field Maple leaves and seeds, Goat’s Beard foliage, Vetch, Sedum, Aquilegia leaves, Lychnis, Centranthus, Geranium….


Thanks go to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting the In a aVase on Monday meme, where we gather flowers from our gardens to bring into the house.


And thank you Susan!



51 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Hot Pink

  1. Congratulations, Susan! Your bouquet is very attrative. Hot Pink is the right name for this shades of purple, pink and calming green.
    Happy summer heat! Uta

    • Thank you Nancy! We were rather pink too, after being in the sun so briefly to collect the flowers! It has cooled down now though thank goodness! Have a good week! πŸ™‚

    • I would not have dared try it and sadly it didn’t last very long, but the Lychnis has lasted surprisingly well so far, so I have learnt something new as well!

  2. I am trying to work out what the purple spikes are – my mind has gone blank, or are they veronica? The purple adds such a moody feel to the vase, and draws the pinks and greens together beautifully. It must be strange seeing what someone else would go for in your garden like this – but good on your sister to accept the challenge which has worked out so prettily! Enjoy the rest of her stay with you and thanks for sharing.

  3. It is gorgeous, a beautifully balanced arrangement. Have had a sneak look around the rest of your garden too, it is exactly what I would like to achieve here one day. So much colour! Must give lavender another go if I can find the right spot.

    • Teucrium hircanicum. I had two plants initially and last year they set seed in a steep spot in the south- west side of the rockery, and now they are everywhere, so it loves well- drained soil in the full sun!

  4. Not only do I LOVE the colors in your vase, but the background too! I can absolutely see how hot and summery it looks there. Isn’t that a bit unusual? I imagined your summers to be lovely and comfortable!

    • Our summers can be quite nice, but there are always some unbearably hot spells with high humidity. This year has been okay so far as we have only had short heatwaves and then time to cool down in between… it is raining now, and quite cool again! πŸ˜‰

  5. It looks great! Were you surprised by the arrangement ? When someone else picks flowers here I sometimes have trouble figuring out where the blooms came from…. I kind of get stuck on my favorites and barely notice the rest!

    • Thanks Frank. I was certainly surprised at how professional it looked, but then my sister does have an eye for such things. It was nice to see an arrangement from my garden made by my sister… like seeing the garden through her eyes.

  6. Cathy, what a lovely display of flowers against an amazing backdrop. You’ve created a beautiful arrangement, elegant, cheerful and worthy of center stage. This In a Vase on Monday is great fun.

    • Thanks go to my sister this week who did my vase for me! I’m enjoying it so much Alys. When I started I had no idea how much fun it would be and was worried I wouldn’t find anything to pick, and now I look forward to cutting my flowers and foliage each week! πŸ˜‰

      • You know I remember reading that you sister did the vase at the start of your post, then promptly forgot! My apologies!

        I figured the same thing regarding running out of flowers, but seeing the creative uses of greens helped win me over.

  7. A very lovely flower arrangement! Thank you, Susan!

    I have an other idea about the beautiful purple spiky flowers. Perhaps these flowers might be
    “Blutweiderich”?! My husband picked them yesterday near the canal while walking with our dog. And he was watching a kingfisher…
    Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

    • Thanks Elisabeth. It does look a little like Blutweiderich, but is definitely Teucrium! (Kaukasus Gamander). How nice to see a kingfisher. Enjoy your weekend too!

      • Thanks Cathy! IΒ΄ve looked up “Kaukasus Gamander” just now. Yes, there is a likeness. Both are very beautiful flowers.

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