Tuesday View (8th July)

It was so hot over the weekend, we were all starting to wilt. But today the temperature has been dropping steadily and in the afternoon the rain came…


What a relief, although tomorrow we will probably be freezing as it is supposedly going down to just 13°C!

The garden is loving it. This was the view at about 4pm…


And zooming in I can see the blue of the Russian Sage on the left, and some yellow Potentilla flowers opening too.


Is your garden happy with your current weather?

Have a great week everyone, and stay cool! 😉

37 thoughts on “Tuesday View (8th July)

  1. Mine definitely is. The grass is very green and the flowers loved the rain! Me too because I didn’t have to water them 😉

  2. Beautiful Cathy, I see a fairly large rose bush in the back ground, pink maybe? What kind of rose? We have been dry here and the garden in not liking it at all. I am having to water more than I like.

    • Shame I can’t send you some of our rain Michael! That rose is probably going to be replaced with something else this autumn as it barely flowers and takes up so much room. I’m not a rose sort of person anyway. It was here when we came… overgrown with juniper and sick, and has never really recovered. It must be pretty old too!

  3. Still looks great, and sometimes a day or two of cool is a nice treat during the summer. We’re supposed to get a break in the heat, and this year we managed to catch a few of the thunder showers, so things look much fresher, if a little wind tousled.

    • We were lucky and the storms passed us by this time, but you’re right – a few cool days in between does me and the garden good! Temperatures rising again next week! 😉

  4. Your temperatures are really bouncing around, aren’t they. Is that typical of this time of year? The colors in your garden are so beautiful. I think our garden just looks a little stressed. Everything is doing just okay! It’s so hot and we are conserving water. I’m not rationing to the point where we’ll lose any plants, but you can just see they’d like about twice as much as they’re getting. Poor things. Your garden looks so fragrant, Cathy! It’s really beautiful!

    • We often get very hot weather early July, but it can chop and change all summer some years. I’m actually happier when we get some cooler periods inbetween! 😉 The lavender has smelt wonderful this summer Debra, but is gradually going over now. If I cut some back it may flower again though! 🙂

  5. We are getting plenty of rain, sometimes it is torrential and flattens everything, but at least we aren’t having to water!
    Your slope is still looking very good, I think plants like the rain and cooler temperatures, even though we don’t

    • I’ve been glad not to need to water my pots every evening… when it’s very hot they get so thirsty. Torrential rain is never welcome here though either, especially after a dry spell, as it just runs off the slope then.

    • Sounds like the weather we’re having. Our July looks like it will continue in a similar style too… hot and sunny spells and thundery showers every few days. Perfect for the garden!

    • I was so grateful for the rain we’ve had over the last few days, and a couple of weeks ago too. The garden desperately needed it. I can see such a difference to last year too!

  6. Yes, the garden is pretty happy. Plentiful rain and mostly moderate temperatures. I suppose the tropicals outside might wish for more hot days, otherwise no complaints. Except, for myself, that there are way too many mosquitos.

    • Mosquitos haven’t been too bad so far, but with this rain and more heat on the way I shall probably be complaining soon as well! Seems your summer is being kind to you and your garden too Jason!

  7. Never thought I would say this but actually glad it finally got consistently hot. The corn was not happy before and my sunflower garden never got off the ground. The tomatoes, however, going strong! Enjoy the cooler temps while you can!!!

    • And we have been up and down just recently… Thanks, I am making the most of a breather. It is supposed to be getting warmer again, but thundery too.

    • Thanks Janet! Summer has been kind this year and apart from a couple of very dry and hot weeks we have been lucky, with plenty of showers! 😉

  8. Your garden is beautiful! Ours isn’t bad if you don’t count the rampant weed beds. Our weather in Virginia is capricious… hot hot hot and then rainy and then cooler. It’s therefore very green around here, with dense forests and vegetation..

    • It is greener here than most years Dor, as we keep getting nice periods in between the heat where it cools off and rains. I don’t worry about weeds so much… the butterflies and insects love them, so let them be! 😉

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