Tuesday View (15th July)

It’s been very damp and humid here for several days now. Today the sun prevailed though – and it got hot!

But the garden is refreshed and ready for the next wave of July heat..


The pink rose just visible at the top-centre has been listening to me moaning about its lack of flowers and for the first time ever has sprouted loads and loads of buds… I’m looking forward to the display and will definitely get some pictures!

Otherwise the hotter oranges and reds are taking to the stage. A crocosmia has decided to flower for the first time, the Echinacea ‘Orange Passion’ (see at end of this post) is looking more and more lovely every day, and this pelargonium is becoming a favourite… taken from cuttings it must be the third year I’ve had it now, and it is growing on me.


Echinacea “Orange Passion” – click on any image to see this lovely cone flower – this is just one plant in a pot!

What colours are dominating in your garden at the moment?