Tuesday View (15th July)

It’s been very damp and humid here for several days now. Today the sun prevailed though – and it got hot!

But the garden is refreshed and ready for the next wave of July heat..


The pink rose just visible at the top-centre has been listening to me moaning about its lack of flowers and for the first time ever has sprouted loads and loads of buds… I’m looking forward to the display and will definitely get some pictures!

Otherwise the hotter oranges and reds are taking to the stage. A crocosmia has decided to flower for the first time, the Echinacea ‘Orange Passion’ (see at end of this post) is looking more and more lovely every day, and this pelargonium is becoming a favourite… taken from cuttings it must be the third year I’ve had it now, and it is growing on me.


Echinacea “Orange Passion” – click on any image to see this lovely cone flower – this is just one plant in a pot!

What colours are dominating in your garden at the moment?

33 thoughts on “Tuesday View (15th July)

    • Thanks Jason…. blue is definitely missing here now the lavender is practically over, but the Perovskia is getting bluer by the day and I have planted a Caryopteris in the hope that it will survive our winter. (The bees will love it when it flowers!)

    • I know you would love a bit of sunshine in your garden, but I do envy you your shade Marian! One day I hope I shall have the time to create a shady bed down near the trees and grow hydrangeas too!

  1. The view is full of sunshine and growth! I love your Echinacea, If I ever see this variety I will certainly buy one, it is a lovely shade of orange. Blue predominates in my garden at the moment, with lavender and Perovskia in the formal beds.

    • I just hope the Echinacea lasts the winter. I have already planned a nice spot to plant it out in autumn, and it will get special anti- snail treatment in the spring! (Copper bands!)

  2. Oranges and reds are just the colours we need at this time of the year. Pastels look washed out under the July sun. I love your Echinaceas, mine aren’ t out yet. Gorgeous photos.

    • My pink Echinacea is only just opening, but the orange one had a head start being in a pot. I agree about the pastels, but I do love pinks any time of year! 🙂

  3. I seem to have so much white in every border at the moment, but there are lots of red and blue too. We need some rain, they keep promising it, but it never comes! Your slope is looking beautiful and I do like your geranium.

    • Thanks Pauline. I didn’t like that geranium when I first had it, as it wasn’t very happy in the full sun. But this year it seems much stronger and is in one of the hottest spots!

  4. Beautiful echinacea, have you had it long? So many of the new introductions seem to be short lived. I like the pops of colour in your slope from the red blooms. Ones side of my front garden is cool silver, blue and mauve, the other more earthy and coppery, with pale lemon and the wine buttons of knautia Macedonia. I really must do a post about my front garden!

    • I find it hard to separate colours, mainly because things have to go where they will grow best but I do like splashes of different colours mixed in everywhere too. Your front garden sounds lovely though Janet! The echinacea was bought at a plant fair in May, and has been in a large, copper-taped pot ever since. Even if it doesn’t appear again next year it was worth it for all the beautiful flowers it has produced so far!

  5. Lovely coneflowers! That color is a bit unusual, I think. We planted some echinacea the past two years ( pink/purple and cream) and they came up very strong after that harsh winter. Great for the pollinators! Thanks for feeding the bees & butterflies!!!

    • A cream Echinacea would be nice too. Until now I only had a pink one. I have planted a few others and they never seem to come up after winter, so you were lucky! I have found that my choice of plants is centred more and more around bees and butterflies etc. I just bought a buddleia and a Caryopteris too, so they should be happy!

      • They should really be happy!!! PS, I didn’t think they sold buddleia in Europe. Seems like they’re just everywhere, esp along train tracks. Wasn’t sure they were cultivated. Here they can be rather expensive so I was surprised to see them growing all over like weeds! Enjoy your butterflies & bees!!!

  6. It all looks beautiful.
    I love Echinacea, I tried a bright red one last year ‘Tomato Soup’ but it didn’t overwinter. Trying again with ‘White Swan’ from seed.

    • Hi there. I tried that one too and it disappeared immediately! White Swan sounds nice… maybe I’ll get another colour next spring. 🙂

  7. That Echinacea makes for some beautiful photos, nice job! We also had a spell of rain followed by cooler weather and myself and the plants really enjoyed it.
    I covet your pelargonium 🙂

    • Thanks Frank. Both those plants are very photogenic and are flowering like mad, so 10 out of 10 for them both! I’m glad you got some rain… we’re waiting for a set of stormy weather to arrive after a sweltering 35°C yesterday.

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