In a Vase on Monday: Sunshine and Sand


I bought a dear little yellow bucket on impulse last week, and have been wondering what would look good in it. The Cosmos mixes I sowed this spring are gorgeous, and I have several pots of them in front of our living room window. The Shasta Daisies have also flowered well this year. So putting these two flowers together just made me think of long stretches of sandy beaches lined with colourful beach huts.


Golden sand and sunshine!


Makes me want to run along the beach and feel the hot sand between my toes, then jump into the ocean! (It’s been hot here!)

Well, that won’t be happening, as the nearest beach would be a 6-hour drive or so! 😉

Are you going to a beach this summer?


Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting the In a Vase on Monday meme. Why not join in and pick something from in or near your garden to put in a vase? It’s fun and you might just get addicted and find yourself looking forward to Mondays as much as I do!