In a Vase on Monday: Sunshine and Sand


I bought a dear little yellow bucket on impulse last week, and have been wondering what would look good in it. The Cosmos mixes I sowed this spring are gorgeous, and I have several pots of them in front of our living room window. The Shasta Daisies have also flowered well this year. So putting these two flowers together just made me think of long stretches of sandy beaches lined with colourful beach huts.


Golden sand and sunshine!


Makes me want to run along the beach and feel the hot sand between my toes, then jump into the ocean! (It’s been hot here!)

Well, that won’t be happening, as the nearest beach would be a 6-hour drive or so! 😉

Are you going to a beach this summer?


Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting the In a Vase on Monday meme. Why not join in and pick something from in or near your garden to put in a vase? It’s fun and you might just get addicted and find yourself looking forward to Mondays as much as I do!


37 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Sunshine and Sand

  1. I love your orange and yellow Cosmos mix, Cathy. Those I grew are a disappointment and had decided that I wouldn’t grow them again but if they were like these I would be very happy to have them in the cuttings bed and in a vase. The perfect combination with the bucket and the daisy. We go to the beach quite often it’s about an hour and 15 minutes away.

    • And I haven’t had much luck with the pink ones in recent years! I’ve been growing the yellow and orange ones for a few years now as we love their cheerful colours. How nice to be within driving distance of the ocean. We haven’t seen it for a few years now and although I love the mountains I do like the sea as well.

  2. Like Christina my orange and yellow cosmos were pretty much failures – but yours look lovely, particularly with the subtle variations in shade. I like your props today – in fact I realised after In posted my vase that I haven’t included ‘props’ for ages, forgetting how much they added to the challenge. Need to remedy that…. I am not a sitting-on-a-beach person at all but we shall be briefly at my Mum’s during the week and she lives by the sea, but with slate rocks and chippings rather than a beach!

    • I don’t like sitting on beaches either, but walking along them and through the waves…. ahhh, how refreshing! Hope you enjoy the view of the sea when you visit your Mum!

  3. Such pretty, fresh flowers in a cheerful arrangement! Have never seen yellow cosmos, only orange, magenta or white. I think this is just perfect. Happy to say I’m headed to the beach this weekend for a yoga retreat–should be fun.

    • Theseare the result of two mixed cosmos seed packets and there are some lovely colour variations. I like these colours more than the pink ones I think. Have fun at the beach Susie! 🙂

  4. Your flowers are lovely, the colors are striking, the daisies and cosmos look great together. We’ve been to the beach once but plan on going again last week September! Is that a round maple cutting board you have the arrangement sitting on?

  5. I love the colors, Cathy! And the beach-y accents were a nice touch too. Although I can see the ocean (well, mostly the harbor and the gateway into the ocean) from my backyard, I seldom actually get my feet in the sand. A trip may be in order during our next heatwave, though. I hope you get cooler temperatures soon!

  6. We live about 30 min drive from the sea; sometimes on a hot day we take a picnic to the beach in the late afternoon, its a good time of day to visit and watch the sun going down.

    • That sounds ideal Philip. We can’t take our old dog anywhere these days but often have a picnic in the garden instead! Hope you get some nice sunsets to watch this summer.

  7. I love that little pail! Lots of whimsy in that arrangement, too.

    I’ve never seen yellow cosmos! They’re stunning. I’ve grown them in white, light and dark pink. I wonder if we can grow the yellows here. I’ll have to investigate.

    Nicely done, Cathy.

  8. So summery, I love the colors, you’ve been holding out on those cosmos haven’t you! I think the white adds a lot.
    I used a similar color mix this spring with pansies…. I stole the idea from a display though, so can’t take any credit!

    • Seeing them in the vase/bucket(!) together has made me realize how good yellow, orange and white go together… definitely inspiration for spring planting with pansies being a good idea.

  9. Oh what a sunshiny vase – I liked the shells and the little starfish too Cathy. I did not realise what a long way you are from the sea. We’ve been able to spend a couple of seaside days this year and hopefully there will be more trips before summer is out.

    • That’s nice to be near enough to visit often. I never realised how lucky I was in the UK, being just a couple of hours’ drive away from the coast!

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