Just Beeing

A hot July afternoon


And the garden is buzzing






There’s climbing


And ambling


And bumbling


And swinging

in the hammock


That last picture surprised you didn’t it?! πŸ˜‰

This is the nearest I will get to posting a “selfie”, which was the recent subject of a great post by my dear blogging friend Nancy at “Life is Color“. Nancy also wrote a post about why she writes, after I invited her to take part in the blog hop. Take a look at her site some time. It’s precious!


51 thoughts on “Just Beeing

  1. Nice to see such happy bees. Are people in Europe talking about the neonicotinoids and the adverse effects on bees? It’s very controversial here in the Pacific Northwest and all over the USA right now. Our local hardware store just removed them from their shelves.

    • They certainly are in the news. As well as all the other factors that seem to be possible contributors to the bee numbers falling. Happy to say I have had more bees than ever this year, and our neighbour has started keeping some, so we got some honey from the meadow next door!

  2. Bees are indeed a sign of a healthy garden! And with such delightful photos I hope you spend even more time with your feet up enjoying the lushness of your summer garden!

    • It’s lovely and warm here Eha – maybe a little too humid, but I don’t have to do any work today so that’s bearable! Lovely to hear from you. Have a great weekend!

  3. Super shots of your bees, it’s wonderful when the whole garden is buzzing! Enjoy putting your feet up in this heat, to hot to work in the garden unless I wake at 6am!

  4. Isn’t it great to hear and see the bees at their work? Is that a mother fabulously coloured echinacea or rudbeckia in one of the photos? Where can I get seeds of that and your fabulous ‘Orange Passion’? I can only find them as plants on line.

    • I got the Orange Passion as a plant this spring, and the pink Echinacea was given to me as a plant too, so I can’t say where you can find seed I’m afraid. I’m hoping the orange one will survive the slugs next spring as the pink one has only managed to produce one flower so far!

  5. Brilliant photos Cathy – love the close up of the bee’s wings in the last but one photo and yes the selfie was a surprise – a nice one. I posted a photo of my Croc attired feet on my blog some time ago but was not brave enough to expose my legs πŸ™‚ Will pop over to Nancy’s site later for a reccie.

  6. Lovely shots of your busy bees. I’ ve been hammocking too, although there is lots to do in the garden; but let’ s just enjoy the sunshine while we can.

  7. Nice Crocs πŸ˜‰ Many bees and bumblebees and the occasional butterfly are in my garden as well. Aren’t they pretty?

  8. Haha! Nice selfie! I should post a pic of my working crocs, they’ve been through a lot and don’t look quite as fresh!
    I’ve been seeing plenty if bees and wasps this year, but fewer of the little pollinators it seems. I don’t know of that’s a good sign or still a bad one….

    • You should definitely show us those crocs! πŸ˜‰ We’ve had so many hoverflies this year as well as bees…. it varies from year to year. No wasps yet thank goodness, but the occasional hornet.

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