In a Vase on Monday: Gardener’s Gold

Every Monday Cathy’s challenge (at Rambling in the Garden) is to gather flowers from our gardens to put in a vase. I can’t believe I never realised until now just how pleasurable this task can be! And everyone who joins in is saying the same thing: it’s addictive!

This week I went for gold!


The Golden Rod is slowly opening, and I am always surprised at how beautiful this “weed” is. The other surprise is my yellow Achillea. This year I gave it the Chelsea chop when it was about 50 cm tall and that really helped it fill out and not get too leggy. So for the first time I actually like it!


A few ostrich fern leaves and sprigs of grass seedheads were all I needed to complete my simple vase.


I found a new spot for photos – in our entrance hall…


I liked it there so much it will stay there for now.

Another vase was filled last week too – some of my Japanese Anemones were leaning very low after some heavy showers, so I cut them to bring indoors…


The lovely centres continue the gold theme too.


Do you grow any of these plants?

Have a good week, and do visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden to see the other vases created this week.