Tuesday View (12th August)

This is my 700th post!!

I’ll be celebrating later this week with another delicious cake recipe, but in the meanwhile here’s the Tuesday view for today:


Can you detect the yellow tinge to everything? We even saw a few orange leaves on our acer yesterday…

But on the positive side, the big heat is over. Phew. And summer is certainly here for a while yet. After all, look at this Perovskia – it’s shouting out summer!


I really love it, although it is starting to spread in the wrong direction. Does anyone know if you can take cuttings, like with lavender? This side of the rockery is pretty well established now, but the other side (beyond the pink rose at the top of the first picture) is very dry with poor shallow soil and lots of stones, so I should like some Perovskia to settle in on that side too.


A final picture for today: I never thought I’d learn to love this Achillea, but next to the rose, mint and Linaria this is a favourite at the moment (after the Perovskia of course!)


Which plant is giving you the most pleasure in your garden right now?