Tuesday View (12th August)

This is my 700th post!!

I’ll be celebrating later this week with another delicious cake recipe, but in the meanwhile here’s the Tuesday view for today:


Can you detect the yellow tinge to everything? We even saw a few orange leaves on our acer yesterday…

But on the positive side, the big heat is over. Phew. And summer is certainly here for a while yet. After all, look at this Perovskia – it’s shouting out summer!


I really love it, although it is starting to spread in the wrong direction. Does anyone know if you can take cuttings, like with lavender? This side of the rockery is pretty well established now, but the other side (beyond the pink rose at the top of the first picture) is very dry with poor shallow soil and lots of stones, so I should like some Perovskia to settle in on that side too.


A final picture for today: I never thought I’d learn to love this Achillea, but next to the rose, mint and Linaria this is a favourite at the moment (after the Perovskia of course!)


Which plant is giving you the most pleasure in your garden right now?

47 thoughts on “Tuesday View (12th August)

  1. I bought a Perovskia today. I’ve admired it from afar for so long, had to be done. It certainly makes a statement, but all of your border is looking good at the moment.
    Happy 700th!!

  2. Cuttings are easy from Perovskia, I’m surprised you don’t find seedlings too. It all looks lovely and I can’t or won’t see any signs of autumn! I like the achillea but maybe because it grows so well for me when other plants fail.

    • I think that may be one reason I like it too Christina… I never used to think much of many plants, but sedums, sempervivums, potentilla and grasses have climbed in my estimation in the last few years too!

  3. My Perovskia seems to be spreading by underground runners, I increase them by cutting them and moving them somewhere else. Your slope is looking so lovely, still very summery!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS Cathy!!!! WOW 700 post!! Your garden is still beautiful, still colorful and growing. With all the rain we have had over the last few days, nearly 7 inches, my rain lilies are starting to bloom! I hope to post pictures soon.

  5. Warm congratulations! And thank you for the lovely views of your changing habitat . . . even if I do not always get around to saying so 🙂 !!

  6. 700 posts – that certainly calls for a celebration! I love perovskia but am struggling to get it to settle in my garden. I have finally found a spot where it is surviving but only just. Yours looks lovely and the whole view is a tribute to late summer.

    • I think the Perovskia can be a bit fussy… it likes my poor well-drained soil though! Hope you can get some established as it is such a pretty focus in summer.

  7. It looks lush and evokes pure summer…don’t want to look for autumn yet! Never found seedlings of my Perovskia but cuttings are easy. Yours is huge – do you cut it back hard each spring? What’s the name of the rose? It’s delightful. Your question is difficult as there’s so much to admire…Rosa Vesuvia remains one of my best, Verbena bonariensis, all the sedums…

    • I have never found seedlings of my Perovskia either. I trim it in late autumn and cut it back to about 25 cm every spring as soon as it starts showing signs of life again. I’m afraid most of my roses are a mystery Annette. Rosa vesuvia is a lovely one.

  8. I started all my Perovskia from cuttings so it can’t be that difficult. I have also found little ones around this year so it looks as if they might seed too. I felt the same way as you about the Achilea but I love it now and the bright yellow really lights up the border, I would not want to be without it. I also read somewhere that the leaves are very good for speeding the breakdown in the compost. Amelia

    • I’m going to try cuttings of the Perovskia as soon as it stops raining! Thanks for the tip on Achillea… i am having a fresh start with one compost bin this autumn so will make sure I save the leaves to use in it.

  9. Congratulations on your 700th post – nice! I’m totally in love with all the Perovskia I see everyone growing…it’s truly a gorgeous plant. Still tons of colour in your garden, even after the heat wave – looks fantastic!

    My garden is looking a little washed out and like it needs some TLC – I haven’t had a chance to get out and deadhead anything and the heat is knocking it down pretty good, but the liatris have just begun blooming for the first time since I planted them two years ago and I’m so pleased. The jackrabbits keep eating them in the spring so they’ve been faltering.

    • I love Liatris! I saw them for the first time only a few years ago in an English garden and tried growing them here. Unfortunately the snails and slugs loved them, so I will have to just settle for admiring other people’s! Hope you get some outdoor time soon Sheryl. Enjoy that heat while it lasts too – our weather has turned really chilly!

  10. Your slope is looking exceptional, the color and lushness are all fantastic. I’ve seen snips and corners of a bench and seating area up top, but is there anywhere to sit and admire the slope? … but then as I think of it, a slice of cake up top wouldn’t be to shabby a spot either!
    Congratulations on 700, that’s quite a milestone. Thanks for the great posts 🙂

    • Thank you! We often sit on the grass and sometimes put a table and chairs there in the shade facing the rockery from below. The patio at the top often gets too hot in summer!

  11. Your view is so richly colored and healthy looking. Congrats on the reaching the 700-milestone post Cathy! I’ve had some luck breaking off a a piece of perovskia with the root and replanting it.

    • Yes, my garden is starting to look autumn-like now and my summer pots are looking tired too… I’m hoping a drop of liquid feed will help them last a bit longer!

  12. There is a yellow tinge on everything here too, intact the odd thing has turned bright red in the woods and I don’t get why at all, It has even been wet. Love your purple thing– i know it as russian sage… Mine always flops all over the place too. Frustrating but beautiful! That’s quite the border you have there. Always working hard to please you!

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