Tuesday View (19th August)

It’s been showery and cool, not at all like August. As the occasional red acer leaf drops to the ground, and the swallows gather before flying south, I get the distinct impression that summer is coming to an end.

I experimented with the wide-angled lens for today’s photo, hence the blurry bits!


Not much change since last week.

Our hazel trees have been loaded with nuts this summer. But every morning while having my breakfast there’s a lot of rustling and crunching going on over there. One day I caught one of the culprits in the act…


Now that takes a lot of skill if you ask me, so I think he deserves as many as he can eat. He invited a couple of friends one morning though – two smaller ones with their coats already turning darker as they do in winter. Fortunately we don’t have the non-native grey squirrels in Germany yet, so these red ones are safe for now. (The grey ones carry a virus that can kill our native red ones).

Here he is, a bit closer…. sweet, don’t you think?


I wonder how many nuts will be left for us!

Have you seen signs that summer is coming to a close?