Tuesday View (26th August)

The last view for August this year… hasn’t summer flown by?!

(Look at the colour of the Acer palmatum on the right of the pink rose!)


I am no longer denying it… autumn is most definitely here.

Three weeks earlier than normal.

But nonetheless beautiful.

The large maple at the bottom of the garden is turning red and dropping leaves already. And the changing light, strong breeze and cool temperatures indicate its glory will be all too short as usual! Even the birch is slowly showing a tinge of pale gold.


The grasses are also yellowing while the seedheads flourish.


And the sedums are turning pink too.


As the rain falls again tonight I am happy that my garden is finally getting a good drink.


How is August coming to a close in your part of the world?

38 thoughts on “Tuesday View (26th August)

  1. Hi Cathy! Since having my daughter in December last year I’ve had no time for my own blog and not much time for reading but I fired up my bloglovin app up tonight & your post came up first and it’s just wonderful! Your garden looks lovely & it’s so nice to see it again after all these months. I love how you’re noticing all the changes to the plants in line with the season changing. Summer is indeed over & far too quick!! Lovely to see your blog again ๐Ÿ™‚ x

    • How lovely to hear from you Anna! Have often wondered how you are and whether it was a boy or girl. Very late congratulations! Hope all’s well and thanks for your comment!

  2. Cathy, you have maintained your view so beautifully–all your plants look strong and colorful. The fall color on the maple is a telltale sign but I’m not ready yet. We’ve had four days in a row of clearer skies and lower humidity recently, a very welcome change.

  3. Your view looks lovely Cathy, the colours suit the turn of seasons. Its been cooler here, lots of rain but forecast to be dry and sunny with a slight lift in temperatures for the rest of this week.

  4. All of your garden still looks great!! I see that rose bush in the background just keeps blooming! Looks like we might have an early fall too, weather had been cool here. Highs in the upper 70’s and lows in the upper 50’s to low 60’s. Looking forward to fall ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Wow, Cathy, an early fall.

    When I returned from Canada a week ago today I could smell it in the air. The sunflowers have gone to seed and the pumpkins are off the vine, too. Our tomatoes keep pumping out fruit, but that isn’t unusual here. We may get them through October.

    As for the rain, oh how I envy you. We remain dry and parched as our drought continues. I never get tired of your beautiful garden pics.

  6. The turning leaves really does show that fall is coming. The oranges and rusts in your garden are just beautiful. It’s so nice to see the changes and I’m sure a nice long drink of rain water was very, very welcome. I’m sure crossing my fingers that we get rain in the coming season. It is still full-throttled summer here yet, but sometimes the weather shifts suddenly and the seasons change almost over night. The days are getting shorter, and that’s what I’m noticing, ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’m noticing that too and how the evening light falls across the garden now. I like autumn – once I get used to the idea that summer has ended!

    • The garden just keeps on going this year, revived every couple of weeks by showers… it would love a bit more rain, but I’m hoping it was enough for the asters to recover and flower now.

  7. Your view is still looking really good with lots of colour and texture. Our weather is now much cooler with lots of rain! Never mind the garden looks a lot better for it.

    • The texture is something I notice more in the autumn and winter. A lot of the lavender will have to be cut right back, so it will look awful in winter!

  8. The eye catching plants are changing as the slope moves into autumn which is lovely. We are having remarkable similar weather – a much cooler August than usual and an early move into autumn. Amelia

  9. Look at those bold summertime colors, I’d much rather think of it as late summer and not yet autumn! But those changing leaves, they’re hard to deny ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    I bet after the long season this year many plants are ready for a rest… I bet many gardeners too. I’m going to escape into denial a little bit longer before admitting fall is close, but many if the signs are showing here too.

  10. pretty plants, summer is still warm here, but it wont be long, the days are getting shorter the humidity getting lighter, the bugs have decreased I am tired of all that mowing I had to do and my plants are at peak. I do love fall, except what follows. less mowing too.

    • I love it too Roberta, although the thought of all the autumn chores is a little daunting! I can look forward to a gardening break in winter, even though I hate not being outdoors.

  11. I totally agree with you about summer flying byโ€ฆit was here one day and has disappeared too quickly. Our summer was cooler than normal with only 3 days in the 90’s. Our trees are changing color as well.

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