In a Vase on Monday: September Star

This Dahlia is called Nomi’s Star – hence the title of this post…


It has flowered sparsely, so only one bloom seems to be out at a time. But it is rather lovely and was even deemed worthy of today’s Monday vase!

Some of the Zinnia mix I had sown in spring matched rather nicely, along with the miniature rose (The Fairy) still in bud and a few sprays of the Linaria (‘Canon J. Went’) that have done so well (thanks again for the seed Sarah!).


The foliage is Japanese anemone, Heuchera and peony (just turning a lovely pinky yellow). The sedums are opening now, but I added a tiny dash of green sedum buds, as well as a few of the tall grasses now flowering (no idea of the names)…


Then a few other bits and bobs, including some Heuchera flowers and the furry silver foliage of an annual I have had in a pot all summer.


I really enjoyed walking around my garden choosing the flowers again today, as yesterday was just too wet to venture out for long. I don’t think it has rained so much in August since we came here, so the garden is uncharacteristically green and some plants, like the Linaria, have been given a new lease of life.

Do visit Cathy at “Rambling in the Garden” to see the other vases people have made for her weekly meme “In a Vase on Monday”. And thank you again Cathy!

Happy September!


39 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: September Star

  1. We had your wet day today! Lovely vase, the mix of colours is perfect. My Dahlia Magenta Star so I imagine a relative has been flowering for ages with many blooms together. Last week I saw a plastic -dahlia that was obviously modelled on the Magenta Star as it was identical.

  2. That Dahlia is beautiful, Cathy, and your arrangement is wonderful. I wish we could get a bit of that rain you’ve received – rain is still a few months away here.

  3. What a great way of using your single Nomi’s Star – and strangely I could almost swear i could smell your arrangement today, but I suppose it was either my imagination or my own vases! Your selection of flowers and foliage really complement it – you must be well pleased!Those zinnias are interesting – what other colours were there in your mix?

    • Thanks Cathy! The other zinnias all seemed to be white, yellow and orange. Luckily I planted them in a pot of orange cosmos which looked quite pretty. I don’t know if I’ll bother with zinnias again though. Everyone told me they attract bees and butterflies, but I haven’t seen a single insect on any of them!

  4. Beautiful dahlia but I also like the simplicity of the zinnias in there too, they have such a deep color. Nice how your arrangement sprays up and out, it’s got a wildflower feel to it but the dahlia is no field flower!

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    • I suppose you are right and I should be content with each individual flower, but the glossy magazine photos showed oodles of these dahlia flowers creating a wonderful display…. a reminder not to be taken in by the pictures while ordering my autumn bulbs this week! πŸ˜‰

  6. Your vase looks professionally done, Cathy–just beautiful, and so artfully arranged! That’s a beautiful Dahlia–a perfect centerpiece! Nice use of foliage, too–I think the silvery foliage may be licorice plant, by the way–and the grasses add good height! I’m in awe of your talent!

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