Tuesday View (9th September)

I thought I’d get a picture of the Tuesday View in the evening light today…

Okay, I admit it – I nearly forgot it was Tuesday!

Luckily the sun was still shining after a wonderful still and sunny September day.


I did a few jobs outdoors today and hope this weather will continue for another couple of weeks (at least!) as it is ideal for gardening – lovely sunshine and a slight breeze that was very welcome after several warm and humid days.

Some plants have been divided (anyone want a few irises?!) and a few more lavenders have been cut right back. They should have time to regenerate before the weather gets frosty. Two loose rocks in the rockery have been repositioned. Some Lsyimachia went on the compost heap  – I expect they’ll be back next year though, as they are indestructible! And a new shade bed is being reclaimed from the Lysimachia/Hosta “clump” on the north side of the house… suggestions for planting would be very welcome. It only gets a little sun for two or three months in summer.

The Echinacea Orange Passion has been released from its pot into the wild, well… into the flower bed! Only seed heads remain now, but the roots look healthy, so hoping it survives for another great display next year.


The Caryopteris is still a big favourite… and the bees are loving it as much as I am. Doesn’t this bee have an interesting face?


What jobs are you hoping to get done in the coming week?