Tuesday View (9th September)

I thought I’d get a picture of the Tuesday View in the evening light today…

Okay, I admit it – I nearly forgot it was Tuesday!

Luckily the sun was still shining after a wonderful still and sunny September day.


I did a few jobs outdoors today and hope this weather will continue for another couple of weeks (at least!) as it is ideal for gardening – lovely sunshine and a slight breeze that was very welcome after several warm and humid days.

Some plants have been divided (anyone want a few irises?!) and a few more lavenders have been cut right back. They should have time to regenerate before the weather gets frosty. Two loose rocks in the rockery have been repositioned. Some Lsyimachia went on the compost heapΒ  – I expect they’ll be back next year though, as they are indestructible! And a new shade bed is being reclaimed from the Lysimachia/Hosta “clump” on the north side of the house… suggestions for planting would be very welcome. It only gets a little sun for two or three months in summer.

The Echinacea Orange Passion has been released from its pot into the wild, well… into the flower bed! Only seed heads remain now, but the roots look healthy, so hoping it survives for another great display next year.


The Caryopteris is still a big favourite… and the bees are loving it as much as I am. Doesn’t this bee have an interesting face?


What jobs are you hoping to get done in the coming week?

41 thoughts on “Tuesday View (9th September)

  1. Your garden looks really lovely in the evening light Cathy. I have just looked your Echinacea up, its gorgeous, was it as well behaved as other Echinaceas?

  2. That border looks magnificent with the red and blue, Cathy! We’re also enjoying fabulous summer weather…let’s hope it’ll last. After a lot of hard work for my book I treated myself to an afternoon of work in the garden…it was bliss and good as I’m expecting people for a tour round the garden this week. Enjoy the fine weather πŸ™‚

  3. That’s a beautiful light to be out in. Good job on the dividing and planting, I really need to get into gear too, but until it rains again I just won’t have the desire….

    • Our ground is still nice and soft after the rain we had last week, so it was fairly good for digging. I always put it off for as long as possible though as our soil is so stony!

  4. I really like the lighting in your photo. What a beautiful late afternoon. πŸ™‚ I enjoyed hearing about your garden chores. I would say that mine are really similar for this time of year. I’m trying to cut things back and get things ready for the change of seasons. I recently purchased two new Echeveria plants that are at the end of their bloom, but this weekend I hope to get them in the ground and hope they make it over the winter and produce next spring. They were half-price because they’re nearly spent, so I couldn’t resist. My other major gardening project is adding in more mulch and doing all I can to hold in moisture. We still have a good six weeks of summer-like weather to get through, and most of my plants are praying for rain. Your garden is just beautiful. Hope you can hold onto the good weather you’re enjoying. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Debra! It would be so interesting to see what garden centres sell in your part of the world! Mulch is an excellent idea. I shall leave all the autumn leaves on the garden over winter, but in spring It’s a race to get some mulch spread before everything starts growing!
      Another sunny day is forecast, but then we are due more rain… if only I could send some your way.

  5. The view looks lovely in the evening light. I do hope the Echinacea does well in the ground it was such a fabulous colour.The light was beautiful here too last evening encouraging me to go out and take some photos, I’ll post them later today I hope.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous, Cathy – looks like you’re having a fabulous autumn so far! We’re buried under snow here right now – and another 10 cm is expected yet this morning. So many trees and plants have cracked under the weight – I think I’ll be doing a lot of clean up in the next week!

    • Enjoy it Amelia! I have also been tempted to just sit in the sun and make the most of the last warm days, but I think I am actually happier in the middle of the flower beds with a spade in my hands! πŸ˜‰

    • That’s a lovely comment Chloris. Thank you! I must admit that most of this garden has just happened by chance and the skill is only slowly developing! We get lovely light in September when the sun sets directly opposite the rockery – beuatiful sunset again this evening. πŸ™‚

  7. Your flower bed looks beautiful in the evening light Cathy and still very colourful. I also love the Caryopteris – I have one that has just started to flower and is attracting the bees in my garden. I am putting off all my garden jobs until next week, but then I need to start clearing space in the Cutting Garden for sowing hardy annual seeds and planting bulbs and biennials for next spring.

    • Thank you Julie. I always try to get ahead and use as many gardening days as possible in September! I hope my bulbs arrive soon and I can get them in while the ground is warm.

    • The light has been a talking point this week here Donna! Rain forecast for tomorrow though… the ground is getting lovely and soft for bulb planting! πŸ˜‰

  8. Mid-September means staring to de-construct the veggie garden for us. And we’ll divide a few perennials, move a few others. September is a golden month in the garden for us. πŸ˜‰

  9. I love this time of year, the light is so wonderful, and your garden is looking really beautiful. I just wish time wasn’t flying past quite so quickly, I’m not getting nearly enough gardening time, and it is my favourite period to be outside, as you said, the weather in a mild September makes it a very enjoyable experience and you know that the plants you put in or move around will get off to a good start in the warm soil.

    • It has been so mild overnight here, despite lower daytime temperatures, so with the rain today as welll the ground will be perfect for more planting and bulbs next week. I hope you get a chance to be in the garden more while there’s still some warmth in the sun Janet!

  10. Oh what soft evening light Cathy – an ideal time to take garden photos πŸ™‚ The weather has been kind to us too since the start of September and it looks as if there is another mainly settled week ahead. I’ve been busy putting the allotment to bed but must give the garden some attention too. Wish I was near enough to take up your offer of an iris.

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