In a Vase on Monday: Beautiful Autumn

After all the rain we’ve had, and a grey start to the day, I was not convinced I’d find much for my Monday vase… but then I saw the table decoration I had thrown together for Saturdays’s dinner guests and decided to bulk it out a bit. And then the sun came out!


The rose hip was the inspiration on Saturday, and the asters and sedums were crying out to be chosen too. Today I added more sedums and golden rod, some Japanese anemone, one sprig of Verbena bonariensis and the yellow flower… some kind of Helianthus I think.


With the sunshine and autumn light I was so pleased I had made the effort – this vase made my day!


Soon the purple and pink asters will all be fully out, and with sunshine forecast for the next few days I’m hoping to see some more butterflies too. The Japanese anemones have been fabulous this year, still producing a few new buds. And the sedums bring the garden to life even on a rainy day.

Beautiful autumn!


A big thanks to Cathy for hosting “In a Vase on Monday” at Rambling in the Garden. Take a look at all the lovely vases linking to her blog again today. Better still, join in!

What is making you smile this week?