In a Vase on Monday: Pink and Perky

With heavy rainshowers and high winds I again wondered what I would find today when I ventured out, armed with secateurs and gloves, to pick some flowers for my Vase on Monday. Cathy hosts this meme at Rambling in the Garden, and you should hop over to visit her and see her lovely vase for this week, as well as some links to other Monday vases too.

The first flower to jump into my line of vision was a pink dahlia (supposedly ‘Chocolate and Candy’ but not at all like the picture on the packaging!). The pink theme was then set in my mind and various pink flowers and foliage followed…


Lovely bursts of sunshine between today’s thundery, blustery showers allowed me to photograph the vase at the window.

Here’s the dahlia close up… the petals a little past their best, but the centre is such a lovely rich chocolate colour (and the leaves are too).


I added a cluster of some of the last zinnias…


Then of course there is sedum and some bright pink asters (Aster novae-angliae ‘Andenken an Alma Pötschke’)


Some Japanese blood grass ‘Red Baron’ and a bit of peony foliage added to the pink theme, along with a couple of Fairy roses, some Centranthus ruber and a large sprig of my pink-stemmed Aruncus dioicus seed heads.


This pink vase certainly “perked” me up on this chilly autumn afternoon.


Is there anything pink in your garden at the moment?