Tuesday View (23rd September)

Happy Autumn everyone!

The autumn equinox occurred at around 4.30am here, on Tuesday 23rd, although we have been well into the season for 3 weeks now. I just hope that doesn’t mean winter will come early too…

The view today, despite cloudy skies, still looks bright and cheerful. I think the golden Euonymous, which I tend to overlook, brings so much light to the rockery. I can recommend planting it so it can be seen from the house in winter. Ours has only frozen back once, dropping all its leaves, but didn’t seem any worse for it.


My two favourite flowers this week are two of my asters… I always seem to be waiting so long for them to bloom, but when they do finally open they are beautiful, especially if captured in the sunshine!

The pink Aster novae angliae ‘Andeken an Alma Pötschke’


And the delicate blue/mauve Aster, the name of which I no longer remember. (If anyone knows…?)


I learned recently from Jason at Garden in a City that they are now referred to not as Aster, but as Symphyotrichum, which I can barely pronounce, let alone spell without looking it up! Isn’t that like changing the name of an old friend?! Really I should call them by the name we always used years ago: Michaelmas Daisies. This reminds me that they do flower so late every year, as St Michael’s Day is not until the 29th September.

A final picture for today, taken last week, shows the view I posted all through 2013… some of you may remember. The large acer is looking at its best with some blue sky behind it.


Have a good week and a good start to the new season!