Tuesday View (30th September)

September was a very kind month to my garden, with regular rain, damp and (mostly) mild nights, and plenty of sunshine in between.  But today the sun barely managed to get through…


I just noticed that the patio is visible from this angle, with my pixie – can you see him? And my newly planted patio container (see below): a bargain bin at the nursery meant the short, unnamed Achillea cost me just 1 Euro! I’m not sure how hardy the Carex will be, but sedums seem to work in most of my containers all year round. (The photo was taken yesterday – a beautiful sunny day!)


 The dull skies didn’t stop the butterflies from making an appearance today though…


How was your September?


P.S. I’ll be posting my Butterfly Diary for September tomorrow, so hope you can stop by again.


33 thoughts on “Tuesday View (30th September)

  1. Very nice! I see the Pixie! I love the aster at the bottom too. What cultivar is it? Our skys were grey today too, but I loved it! Our September was quite nice, always one of the better months for the garden. Lots of food to harvest…

    • I’m trying to find out what aster that is… that means searching through my box of labels, which could be enlightening! Hope October’s good to you too Andrea!

  2. That’s a lovely, still lush-looking view you have there, Cathy! I saw a really bright orange Monarch butterfly visit the Cosmos yesterday–too precious few of them around lately! I love your butterfly–haven’t seen anything like it here. I’ll be sure to visit your Butterfly Diary tomorrow in hopes of finding out all about it!

    • Found your comments in my spam folder Kimberley, so hope they will now go through. I was shocked at just how much spam was in there! I hope I will see a Monarch one day… we don’t get them here though. This one was a European Peacock. Have just published my butterfly diary with more photos. 🙂

  3. I love the Aster in the last image with the lovely butterfly. I think I have it too, but I have a similar problem in not knowing its name. Your view looks very different from the slightly different angle.

  4. What a surprise. You are offering always new angles or new plants. 🙂 I can see the bench for the frist time.
    September was good ~ so as October hopefully will be 🙂 .

  5. We have had the most amazing September with warm sunny days making the flowers think that it is still summer. I love Aster Andenken an Alma Potschke, such a lovely vibrant colour.

  6. Lovely view and true, I admire the Persicaria too. Mine has been flowering for ages now and I’m thinking of creating a Persicaria wave on a wall. I do like that pink Aster – wow, what a colour! PS: We’ve been enjoying a wonderful Indian summer here…still use the garden shower and have dinner outside. Long may it last!!!

    • A Persicaria wave? I’m intrigued, but am sure you will post about it if you do make one! We had a couple of days of showers and cloud, but it looks like more sunshine is on the way!

  7. I like this slight shift in angle today for a different perspective on your Tuesday view. This entire area has looked wonderful all year and is still going strong. Do you sit on your bench and watch the butterflies?

  8. Your garden is lapping up all the sunshine. We have had an amazingly good September but I keep putting off the gardening work as I never thought it would last. I’ll have to pay for it in October. Amelia

    • I had the time to keep on top of things this year, so am looking forward to planting the last bulbs and a couple of hardy geraniums now. Hope the weather remains mild for you in October too!

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  10. Just when I thought the slope was slowing down it fires up with new color and growth! Everything still looks so fresh for the end of September and I’m looking forward to seeing the autumn color move in. I always love the look of fallen leaves on a nice green lawn 🙂
    Here September was dry. The grass is browning :/

    • It just goes on and on! Mild and damp weather is ideal but unusual for this time of year. I don’t think our grass is usually this green still. Still no rain? Hope October will bring some for you so you can get some jobs done – I know what it’s like trying to get bulbs into rock hard ground!

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