In a Vase on Monday: Moonlight


Last night, as I walked down the garden with a plate full of goodies for the hedgehogs, I was struck by the beauty of the night… an owl was hooting in the distance, deer were calling across the valley, there was rustling in the leaves and bushes around me, the mist and dew made everything sparkly and slightly ghostly, yet when I looked up the sky was clear and the (almost) full moon was bright. That was the inspiration for this vase, as I noticed the asters glowing with the light from the house, my torch, and the moon.



So this morning I picked some of the lilac asters that I haven’t been able to name, as well as some of my Aster pyrenaeus ‘Lutetia’. Then some silvery foliage: lavender, perovskia, buddleia.


Creamy, dreamy

The last two Japanese anemones added to the dreamy theme, and the white zinnias (they are still hanging on!) are to portray the creamy moon…


On a whim, the Heuchera flower went in last, as I passed it on the patio.


 The resulting vase makes me feel very calm, and reminds me that nature is my inspiration.

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, who hosts the “In a Vase on Monday” meme – take a look at some of the vases linked on her post again!

Wishing you all an inspired week!