Tuesday View (7th October)

Fog and mist are common here in autumn, and today the sunshine barely made it through for more than a few minutes, but luckily I was there with my camera when it did!


Not much change since last week, but the Japanese acer is getting prettier by the day…


… and the rose that I wanted to get rid of earlier this year has new buds…


I think the rose has convinced me it can stay.


Do your plants talk to you?

38 thoughts on “Tuesday View (7th October)

  1. The roses go on and on this year. What a delight they are. My Rosa mutabilis looks as good as it did in June. Like flights of butterflies.
    I love your red maple looking all fiery.

    • The maple is also going on and on this year. It started turning orange very early, but has still not reached its peak which is normally the second week of October.

  2. I swear plants know when you’re about to get rid of them! I was convinced I would not bother next year with that blue Salvia “Evolution”, and now it is smashingly gorgeous.

    The Japanese maple is gorgeous. How lucky you are to have it!

    Enjoy your fine weather. After a couple cool, cool days and nights that flirted with frost, we are supposed to have a string of nice weather here, too.

    • It’s still so mild here Kimberley, despite the sun struggling to get through, I’m wondering if we are all going to be taken unawares by a cold snap this month. It often snows at the end of October, so I am making the most of this weather while it lasts!

  3. It’s nice to see a larger slice of your garden, Cathy. Loree at danger garden (Portland, Oregon, US) made a similar assertion about plant intuition earlier this week – she was contemplating getting rid of a Clematis and an Abutilon when both burst into glorious bloom. I can’t recall a similar even in my own garden – perhaps I need to do more plant whispering to get my point across.

  4. Love the colours in your autumnal garden and that of the beautiful rose bud . . .on the other side of the world my huge apricot weeping rose is just about to burst into its first full spring bloom . . . still just mid-spring here but the temps have been up to 34 C 🙂 !

  5. You can always remove the rose next year if it doesn’t perform well; you’ll become wise to its tricks – one bud (albeit very beautiful bud) does not a beautiful rose make. sounds a bit garbled, sorry trying to convert a proverb doesn’t always work so well!

    • I know what you mean! Yes, I’ll give it another year and see what happens. The conditions were unusually favourable this year with our damp spring and summer.

  6. Misty mornings are a real sign of Autumn, love your view and your Acer, its such a gorgeous Autumnal colour. I hung onto to a Peony for 5 years that only ever had one or two blooms and then yesterday bit the bullet and dug it out, your lovely rose though looks as if it wants to stay for a while longer.

  7. The rescued rose I planted in my front garden has buds too, but like you I have still not made up my mind whether it has earned a long-term role. Your acer is looking beautiful, mine is barely starting to turn.

    • This rose is such a large and established one (presumably planted when the house was built in the seventies!) it would probably be a crime to dig it out anyway! My acer was very early in turning red this year, but seems to have slowed down and there are still green bits with only a few leaves dropping so far. So yours might catch mine up yet!

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