Tuesday View (14th October)

It poured with rain last night, and when I looked out this morning I immediately noticed a change in the colours of the leaves, as well as a great number lying on the ground. And yet I think there is little change in the rockery itself compared with last week…


The acer is possibly at its peak now, and I think the greener leaves will probably drop before changing colour this year… funny how it varies from year to year. The dwarf Miscanthus below the acer always flowers beautifully, but the giant one behind it (see an old post here for more photos) only produces a few flowers every few years… no signs of any yet…


There are still a few late summer flowers too – this Lychnis was a lovely surprise this morning…


And although the asters are starting to fade, the butterflies (here a Comma) are still visiting them…


THE rose is still flowering… to defy me?!


And finally the Persicaria that I have mentioned many times is still offering sustenance to the bees…


Are you still seeing bees or butterflies?

24 thoughts on “Tuesday View (14th October)

    • Yes, autumn started early but has been mild, with the best possible conditions for the plants. I even have two baby tomato plants that must have come from seed in my compost! They surely won’t last long though…

  1. We still have plenty of bees but butterflies are thin on the ground or even the flowers! Leaves are just beginning to turn, but a couple more weeks are needed I think for the full display of autumn tints.

  2. I have seen an occasional butterfly flitting through, but not too many and no bees right now. The bees and butterflies in your garden speak to the love and care that goes into keeping your garden so healthy. It almost seems that every living thing is doing its best to hold onto summer for just a little bit longer. 🙂 I’m so glad the garden got such a good drink, though. The rain must have washed everything so clean! So pretty, Cathy!

    • I agree Debra – the bees and butterflies clearly don’t want to say goodbye just yet and are making the most of every tiny bit of pollen or nectar they can still find! I thought of you when we had our rainfall – a friend told me she was going to an Albert Hammond concert and he sang “It never rains in Southern California”… 😉

  3. Beautiful photos.Lovely to have so much in bloom in October. I forgot all about GBBD this month, in fact I didn’ t realise the date. I wish it would slow down. It is such a lovely time of the year and the weather here is so mild.

    • We have had such heavy rain the last two days that all the flowers are spoiled… I think the butterflies will have to take the hint that autumn has finally got a real grip here!

  4. I keep seeing more and more butterflies, but they seem to be flying faster and stopping for less time on each flower so a nightmare to photograph. The view is still really lively, beautiful. Can you see this from inside the house?

    • That’s funny, as I always think they should slow down at the end of the year! The view is sadly not quite visible from the house, only if I stand on the patio, althoughI can see the top – especially the Russian sage stands out. But from our picture window we look over the garden from the other side where the acer is – my old Tuesday view. It’s lovely to see the acer through the seasons.

  5. Nice picture of the lychnis!
    We’re still having Monarchs come through as they head south but the rain and cooler weather are keeping the others under cover. (I’m loving the rain though!)

    • Hey, you got rain at last! I bet your garden is drinking it up. It’s wet here too and I just hope I get a couple of dry days soon to put in my last bulbs!

  6. I’ve got yet another Persicaria now, they are fabulous plants, aren’t they! I did laugh that that Rose is still flowering! I put my edgeworthia on notice earlier this year, and not only did it perk up and deliver fabulous foliage, it looks as if I might have flower buds forming. I’m convinced they know when they are under threat… Great colour still on your slope.

    • I had to laugh too Janet… I have also bought another Persicaria which arrived by post today! It’s called Blackfield, and has deep red flowers. Hope it does as well as the other one!

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