In a Vase on Monday: a Tropical Touch

With a storm front on the way I decided to cut back my cigar plant drastically and bring some flowers indoors. The plant may survive a bit longer outdoors, but is far too big to be overwintered.


This spring was the first time I bought a cigar plant, or Cuphea ignea, and I rather liked it simply for the incredible growth it put on; as a container plant in the full sun it did extremely well, barely wilting even on the hottest day, and producing red, cigar shaped flowers non-stop from July onwards. I can’t quite decide if I will grow one again though, as it is not really my “thing”!


The dark green shiny leaves are also attractive, and are definitely worthy of a mention. Practically all other foliage in the garden has turned yellow or dropped already.

What was the most successful container plant you grew this summer, and is it still hanging on?

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this meme “In a Vase on Monday”. It is just beginning to get really challenging to find materials for a weekly vase now, as the number of flowers out there is dwindling!  Take a look at Cathy’s lovely autumny post this week as well as the other vases linked in the comments, and see how gardeners from around the world are filling vases as the seasons change.