Tuesday View (21st October)

An early morning photo today, with the mist in the background and pale filtered sunlight just breaking through low cloud…


THE rose is still flowering, and the garden still looks very colourful.


I thought I had better take my picture early as the storm that passed over the UK a couple of days ago was on the way to us. It took all day to get here though and as I write now the wind is howling and it is pouring with rain, thundering and lightning too… I’m glad I managed to tidy away a few more pots and cut down some soggy foliage earlier.

I’m also glad I got a few photos of the silvery dwarf Miscanthus in the sunshine…


The pink asters have gone over now, but this snail doesn’t seem to mind


I  noticed that the sedum also has a new admirer – the Cymbalaria , which has spread like mad this year, has fallen in love!


A final picture today of one of my tomato plants. Yes! In mid-September I distributed some of my compost over part of the rockery and two self-seeded tomato plants appeared shortly after. They look so incredibly healthy. I don’t think I’ll see any tomatoes though!


Have a good week – with calm weather!

36 thoughts on “Tuesday View (21st October)

  1. I wonder when and if you will get the storm that has come through here today Cathy. It’s amazing where tomato seedlings can pop up – one of life’s mysteries 🙂

  2. Love the colours and textures of your garden, Very nice. It is funny what will pop up from the compost. I had a pumpkin sprout in December last year. o.O

  3. We’ve got lots of self-seeded tomatoes going like gangbusters, too…It’s a little sad to think they’re putting forth all that energy for naught. If only we could find some way to put them in suspended animation until May 😉

  4. I hope the storm was not to bad for you Cathy. Your view in the morning with early mist is lovely, I can smell autumn just looking at your photo. Lovely picture too of Miscanthus with the sun filtering through.

  5. I loved hearing about your wind and rain. It is probably very inconvenient at times, but it certainly does nourish your beautiful garden. I have steadily grown very fond of your Miscanthus. It has the appearance of some of the dwarf grasses that grow very well in my climate. And everything in your garden is just beautiful, Cathy. I enjoy the subtle changes in your garden this time of year. The shadows add a little mystery. 🙂

    • We had so much rain in such a short space of time, but fortunately there was no flooding near us. They had snow in the mountains! I’m glad you enjoy seeing pictures of my garden. It is looking a little untidy after the storm but still colourful. Have a lovely weekend Debra!

  6. Nice. I know it’s well into autumn but from what I can see most of the slope is still looking quite well! Plenty of flower color remains, but the color in the trees is giving away the season 😉
    Most of our leaves fell last week. I spent the afternoon converting them into a nice chopped leaf mulch for the vegetable beds!

    • I think you’ll see a difference tomorrow Frank… but the acer is still brightening up the view! I’m amazed how long it has lasted this year. 🙂 Chopping the leaves is a good idea for mulching. I usually just rake them over the garden beds but they don’t rot completely then.

  7. Finally catching up…I am amazed and how lovely and lush it all looks. I have been cutting the garden down as it is mostly brown now with a few flowers and foliage left but not much here…daytime temps in the low 50s, nights in the 40s and rain make a garden decline.

  8. Your garden is looking lovely this autumn, hope everything recovered from the storm, the silvery dwarf Miscanthus is stunning!

  9. You still have so much colour and that is because of your good choice of foliage. I love grasses like Miscanthus with the sun on it. Stipa gigantea is another grass which needs to be planted in the sun. We had some stormy weather here but today is sunny and mild again.

    • Not quite so much colour since the rain the storm brought with it! Grasses are great in winter and I always look forward to the moment this one gets some rays of afternoon sun in early spring telling me the sun is getting higher in the sky! 🙂

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