In a Vase on Monday: Saving and Savouring October

This morning the reality of the coming dark and foggy months meant I nearly didn’t go out and pick any flowers for a Monday vase. A cold and wet weekend has certainly put an end to any October glory… But Cathy’s In a Vase on Monday meme once again provided me with the motivation to try and find materials from my garden to bring indoors. Thanks Cathy!


So glad I made the effort after all!

Physalis alkekengi is collapsing now but the seedheads will light up the south-west rockery for a few weeks to come.

Then there was Golden Euonymus fortunei, Heuchera, Lavender, Sedum, Hypericum…


… Crocosmia leaves, Miscanthus, Verbena bonariensis, Persicaria, Teucrium hircanicum…


… Centranthus ruber, and Dichromena latifolia (White Top Star Sedge).


As you can see, getting a decent photo in poor light will be just as challenging as finding the plant material over the next few months!

Take a look at Cathy’s post at Rambling in the Garden, where she shares her vase for this week and links to many other lovely Monday vases.

32 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Saving and Savouring October

    • Yes! VERY invasive! Please don’t plant it in your garden as you will end up hating it for eleven months of the year! Perhaps in a large pot? I do love the orange seedheads though.

  1. This is striking Cathy and a really lovely combination of colours. I have some Physalis contained in pots, its always makes me smile as its such a quirky plant.

    • I’m enjoying the colour indoors. πŸ™‚ Good idea putting the Physalis in pots Julie. I wish I had been warned before planting mine – a well-meant gift from a neighbour!

  2. What a lot you have found in your garden today after nearly not going out! I love the late autumn feel of this collection – the Physalis look lovely and every year I plan to grow them but somehow forget to sow them. Now that I have read your warning perhaps I will give them a miss.

  3. As Julie says you found such a lot in your garden – the physalis is like a beacon in your vase, and the hypericum berries are a great idea. Love the persicaria and teucrium too. Our gardens are full of real bounty for us to discover, and these Monday vases are giving us the push we need to make these discoveries. Thanks for defying the grey day and joining in today.

    • Yes, I was quite amazed at how many bits and pieces I could gather. And I am planning next week’s already! I think this meme will help me get through many a grey Monday this winter. πŸ™‚ Thanks Cathy!

  4. I adore what you have gathered and placed in the vase Cathy. We were both looking for interesting material. I had not thought of the Hypericum, but so much is fading even the foliage so I may be down to grass and seedheads soon and not for long either.

    • Yes, I’m saving some seedheads and just hope they don’t get too soggy before I decide to use them. I hope you get a shorter winter this year Donna! I’m hoping for sunny days – with or without snow!

  5. You had a virtual florist outside when you looked. Interesting colors and textures that should cheer you up. Hypericum berries are used by florists a lot in arrangements–nice to have it growing. I passed on an offer of Chinese lanterns once because the person offering had already given me several things I was having trouble taming. Glad I didn’t take them because of invasive nature here, but gosh they are so attractive.

    • Yes, the odd bloom here and there, when gathered into a bunch, produces quite a lot of colour! You were wise to pass on the Chinese lanterns. They are lovely, but I’d rather have them in a pot than in the garden!

  6. It does take more effort to get outdoors when the weather turns cold and grey. I’m so glad you did though. You’ve gathered a wonderful collection.

    That second photo is stunning! Beautiful composition and colors. I went back and looked a second time. Those orange lanterns are a delight.

  7. Oh ‘Chinese Lanterns’ bring back memories of our first garden Cathy. I had forgotten how cheerful they are at this time of year so much so that they can be forgiven any thuggish behaviour.

    • I must admit I pull up hundreds of the Physalis every year, and those that turn orange can then be enjoyed and not just tolerated! Would you plant them again? … πŸ˜‰

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