Tuesday View (28th October)

I was actually quite surprised when I compared today’s view with last week’s – not as much change as I thought after all the wind and rain we had. We can see up into the woods now though (behind the acer).



The acer still has so many leaves so I thought I’d take a few pictures of the last of the autumn colour before it all fades…

Binocular man on the right is being swaped by the Cotoneaster, which will have a drastic haircut once the berries have gone!)

Binocular man on the right is being swamped by the Cotoneaster, which will have a drastic haircut once the berries have gone!


Focussing on the positive: these bright and warm colours are a tonic on cloudy days

Even with no sunshine the acer glows

Even with no sunshine the acer glows


And the miniature cherry has managed to retain most of its leaves this autumn too, showing some nice colour

Prunus incisa 'Kojo-no-mai' with some Physalis to the left

Prunus incisa ‘Kojo-no-mai’ with some Physalis to the left and one of my favourite (no-name) Heucheras on the right


We only had a few very brief rays of sunshine today, but to the north – as is so often the case – the sky was pale blue

Persicaria and Golden Euonymus in the rockery

Persicaria and Golden Euonymus in the rockery


Enjoy the last few days of October!

Was it a golden month for you?

37 thoughts on “Tuesday View (28th October)

  1. Your view looks wonderful Cathy, lots of autumnal colour too. We have been blessed with a warm and sunny October a dip and rain due tomorrow then back up to 19c on Friday. I hope there will not be a payback in the winter though!

  2. Oh what a beautiful acer Cathy – it’s positively singing. October has been a mixed month here – much wetter and windier than September but noticeably mild.

  3. It has been a golden month! Many beautiful days when the sun set the autumn foliage aglow! Your Acer is gorgeous! I know it here as a Japanese Maple.

    Now you’ve reminded me that it is Tuesday, and I did not post my own Tuesday’s View today! It was unseasonably warm, so I spent most of the day planting bulbs. Then I got caught up in feeding my family dinner and transporting my kids down to march in our town’s Halloween parade, and now it is dark! Next week. . .

    • Good to hear you’ve had a good October with plenty of sunshine, and also good that you have done your bulb planting! I haven’t quite finished planting mine yet. Look forward go seeing your Tuesday post next week Kimberley!

  4. Everything seems to glow in your golden October light!
    Any comments on the Physalis? I always hear scary stories about it yet those seed pods really stand out and are perfect for this time of year!

    • 🙂 Frank, please don’t even consider planting Physalis!!! Yes, it IS beautiful, and really does look like little lanterns lighting up the rockery, but it is sooo invasive….

  5. Lovely colours! Most of the reds and oranges round here have given way to browns although I did see the most amazingly fire-orange bush in someone’s garden yesterday – it looked like hundreds of red hot pokers spiking all over the place. I wish I knew what it was.
    I do love your acer 🙂

    • The acer is a joy even this late in the season…. it has hung on to its leaves for so long and I smile every morning when I put the blinds up and see it standing there! 🙂

  6. Very golden…and orange…and red! We’ve been lucky to have a beautiful month but I’m ready for a bit more *real* fall coolness. Two years ago we had frost on the ground by now. Nothing like that in sight! (Remind me that I said this come January. 😉 )

  7. Your Acer is so beautiful! Yes, this last month is a golden month, we are having quite warm weather at the moment with the wind coming from the south, so our colours are taking their time, not much red yet.

    • It’s nice if you can enjoy the colour at a slower pace, even if it doesn’t turn out to be so dramatic in the end. Last year our leaves fell much more quickly, and raking them up was a matter of a few days’ work.

  8. What a glorious Acer. I love it and your little cherry. They are hanging on to their leaves so long aren’t they?
    We are having such a wonderful October this year, it is so mild.

    • I think the acer and cherry leaves are still hanging on because it’s been mild here too – no frosts yet, although chilly nights, and the long-term forecast is much of the same!

    • The yellows have been particularly pretty this year Donna, and with lovely sunshine today even the kitchen on the north side of the house was filled with wonderful yellow light!

  9. This whole month flew by, and this week in particular, Cathy. I’m enjoying some time tonight getting caught up….all the way back to Tuesday! LOL! You are describing weather that sounds like winter is coming, although still mild. Your garden still has plenty of life left. I’m waiting to see when I’ll really notice big changes! Not yet! 🙂 Hope you have a really lovely weekend, Cathy.

    • Hi Debra. it is still very mild and sunny here. No sign of winter yet, but preparations are being made just in case it turns frosty. I doubt if there will be very much change for another week or two.

    • The persicaria is just perfect there. I was so lucky as it was one of the first plants I put in when I had little idea of how the rockery would develop. 🙂

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