In a Vase on Monday: Candy Pink and Caramel Brown

It’s Monday again – and time to join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden to fill a vase with materials from our own gardens. But first of all let me wish you all a happy and pleasant November!


A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that my  giant Miscanthus hadn’t flowered this year. Then I saw the first pinky strands showing and now it has finally produced a grand total of three (yes, THREE!) flowers! They remind me a little of fireworks, which is appropriate with Bonfire Night approaching in the UK.


After cutting back our singed fern on midsummer’s day, it grew back nicely so that I can now enjoy its autumn caramel tones. That’s a first for me. 🙂


I added a single rose bud to the vase (from that rose again) and some of the perennial basil flowers, one of which (on the left) seems to have given up. I should have removed that piece, but somehow it adds character to the vase, don’t you think?


One piece of zebra grass (I’ve had it for several years but it hasn’t grown much for me) and a few other grasses filled the vase out a bit. There’s also a Heuchera flower in there, and a pale pink Linaria – the last I think.


To be honest, I am absolutely amazed at how much there is in the garden still – in November!

It has been very mild and sunny over the last few days, allowing me to take some of the photos outdoors, so I can only hope the rest of the month will follow suit.


Do go and visit Cathy’s site and see what everyone has created.

And have a good week!