In a Vase on Monday: Celebrations

Congratulations Cathy!

Cathy at Rambling in the Garden had the inspired idea last November to challenge us all to join her in filling a vase with materials from our gardens each week… yes, she began in NOVEMBER! Erm, tricky to say the least, but Cathy, along with many others, kept it up and not only cheered her own house every Monday, but also brought cheer and encouragement to her followers. I only began in the spring, but once I started I was hooked too!

To celebrate with Cathy for achieving a whole year of Monday vases I looked back at my own vases and decided to pick out a few favourites…

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Cathy has also picked a few of her favourites to celebrate this week, and wrote today that on looking back she was pleasantly surprised by the prettiness of some. I found I had the same thoughts, and there were also some I had completely forgotten about. Others brought back memories of that particular week, or the weather, and what was blooming in the garden.

And today’s vase? Well, I am now noticing how the garden is shutting down, even if we still haven’t had a frost yet. But once again, thanks to Cathy, I was determined to find something and was amazed at just how much I was able to conjure up…


On the left, some fresh shoots of the lovely pale variegated Vinca which has taken advantage of the damp year to spread. In front of that and in the centre is some pink Hebe – no idea what sort – a dark red grass I was given, and a confused Hellebore seed head – yes it flowered in September! At the back some Euphorbia and in front of that on the right my much-loved Persicaria. A little Marrubium foliage to the right, then the pink ‘Fairy’ rose as the focal point and a couple of geranium leaves below. Finally, just left of the rose, the two last lavender flowers and a sprig of heather for good luck!

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Go and say hello to Cathy and congratulate her on a year of “In a Vase on Monday”, and see the other vases people have linked in to her meme too.

Or you could even join in! 🙂