Tuesday View (11th November)

It was a bit dismal out there today until around 2pm, when the sun finally came through the fog and low cloud and I nipped out quick with my camera before it decided to disappear again!


I noticed the leaves of the Persicaria amplexicaulis “Firetail” are starting to wilt and turn brown, but this wonderful flower has lasted so well again this year. I planted a second one just below the Perovskia – Persicaria amplexicaulis “Blackfield”, which has darker pinky red flowers but the same pale green foliage… Can’t wait to see that flower next year!

The yellow and orange leaves of the sycamores and beech are still helping to brighten up the view, making up for the acer having now dropped all its beautiful leaves.


I notice in this photo how much I like the crocosmia leaves, at the top of the rockery in front of binocular man. I had one flower on those crocosmia this year – the first since planting several years ago. So high hopes for next year…maybe two flowers? 😉

Have a good week, with plenty of sunshine!