In a Vase on Monday: Pyjama Pickings

After a very chilly weekend, with a light frost and a North wind, this morning felt positively balmy when I went into the garden with the dogs first thing; 4°C and not a breeze. After putting the coffee on I decided to go back out, still in my pyjamas, and snip a few things I had my eye on for this Monday’s vase. 🙂 No time like the present, as they say!


There’s a clump of grass under my acer that I have never identified. It is pretty non-descript all year, but has rather pretty flowers in autumn, albeit not many. Any ideas what it could be would be welcome.


Many plants are now showing signs of decay: the sedums are beginning to topple over and all the leaves dropped off the moment I picked them for my vase. The Persicaria is also flopping and the flowers are fading too, but after such a long flowering season I really can’t begrudge it shrinking back from the cold and the damp. But the fennel is still standing tall…


The Leycesteria formosa, which you may know as Himalayan Honeysuckle, is called “Caramel Berry” here. Have you ever tasted the berries? Like burnt caramel! Not exactly unpleasant, but one was enough. In any case, I can’t quite decide what I think of this plant. The flowers and berries hang down so they are hard to see, and the growth is a little lop-sided (another reason for cutting a stalk for the vase today). But it still has all this lovely fresh green foliage so late in the season. Do you grow Leycesteria? What do you think of it?


Later in the day I added some wild asters that are growing on the compost heap, looking a little tatty, but still flowering prettily.


And as the light faded I took a few photos indoors too, using artificial lighting – i.e. a powerful flashlamp! 😉 Some of the pictures turned out okay, but the next few weeks I fear my photography will be stretched to its limits!


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