In a Vase on Monday: Light and Dark

December crept up on me and I didn’t even manage to get my Advent decorations up in time for the first Sunday in Advent… shame on me! Some of my neighbours have trees outside decorated with white lights, or lit stars and white fairy lights in their windows. WordPress has also started the snow again. And I haven’t baked a single Christmas cookie yet… I’ve got some catching up to do this week!

However, I DID manage to put this vase together for Sunday afternoon, along with some simple scones…


The photography is appalling I know, but the light levels were low yesterday, and today was not much better. Cathy’s challenge is becoming just that now – a challenge to find materials in my garden for a vase and then get a decent shot of it too!


The close-up above shows the mix of foliage I picked: almost black Mahonia leaves with a tightly closed bud at the centre, some pine needles, Euphorbia, Lamium and the golden Euonymous bringing light to the arrangement. And below you can see on the left a sprig of Buddleia.

(With a flashlamp and flash it looks deceptively like golden sunshine, don’t you think?! 😉

Well, I can dream…)


There was also a single rosehip remaining that hadn’t already shriveled up, so I carefully cut that too – ouch. It adds a bit of colour, the sedum being so dark now.


The cones in the foreground are from trees in our garden too – the little Larch cones are so pretty for Christmas decorations, so I will have to hunt for a few more.

Have you started decorating yet?

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this meme “In a Vase on Monday”… do go over and take a look at what Cathy and many others have arranged in their vases this week. (Cathy’s vase is simply fabulous today!)

Have a great December!