A Garden Review of 2014: Spring

The idea of reviewing the garden year is primarily to relieve the winter grey with some bright sunshiny photos of flowers that bloomed in my garden. Last night, as I started sifting through my spring photos, this project had just the effect I had hoped for; I was smiling and felt so much happier afterwards! I can recommend it!

I decided to do three posts: Spring, Summer, and Late Summer/Autumn – one each week running up to Christmas. Anyone who wishes to join me and post some photos of the seasons past will not only make me and lots of other readers happy – it will honestly make you smile looking back through old photos, as I did!



March: While reports across the Ocean told me of a long and cold, snowy winter in Northern America, Europe had an extremely mild and wet winter, and barely any snow. Spring came relatively early and as always I was overjoyed to see the first flowers: Hepaticas. Above is my Hepatica nobilis ‘White Forest’.

The Mahonia was lovely this year, not having to cope with being frozen back during winter. With its honey-like smell and golden petals it attracts bees and other insects very early on.


March continued with the delicate Ribes flowers, cheerful Narcissi and Corydalis solida…

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April was mild and spring marched on at a pace, with reports of us being a good three weeks ahead of “normal”. An Orange Tip on the Aubretia, which flowered better than ever this year, was one of those “jumping for joy” moments we gardeners frequently have!


As the month progressed, I was convinced we would have summer in June and by July it would all be over – so much was in flower early. My roving Geranium phaeum was in full flower by the middle of the month…


Then came the cowslips, pink Pulsatilla, Summer Snowflakes, and the gorgeous Tulips (“Purple Dream”) next to lime green Euphorbia and white Narcissi in the west-facing rockery…

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May was, as you can imagine, an explosion of colour. One of my favourite flowers this year was my Epimedium ‘Amber Queen’…


The Aquilegia flowered for much longer than usual, the meadow just beyond our garden gate was fabulous, and my first peony opened too. The Alliums were also a real show – I had forgotten how pretty they were until looking back!

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But the nicest surprise in May was this water lily showing up out of nowhere…


Aah, that’s better. And all that is to look forward to again next spring too! I shall now go and look through the photos for June…

Have a great week!