In a Vase on Monday: Two Surprises

The first surprise today was the hint of blue sky and a very brief burst of sunshine. (We had sleet later on though!) The second surprise was what I found to put in a vase two vases for Cathy’s In a Vase on Monday meme. Although I must admit a lot of the material is recycled from previous vases!


(That cyclamen is the same one I had on my patio in September… and it’s still alive!)

The little star cookie cutter in the front was there to remind me to get my third batch of cookies started – they are now ready to be baked tomorrow morning. I’ll be posting a recipe for some soon. 🙂

So, back to the vase: the Leycesteria (caramel berry) was still looking nice after two weeks in a vase, and the Mahonia bud that featured last week is partially opened. A sprig of Lamium and some golden Euonymous – also from last week’s vase – are still looking very fresh too. So these, and a little greenery were recycled. The golden Chrysanths on my front door step are past their prime but have not caught any frost yet, and one little rosebud was begging to come into the warm. There are a few Abutilon flowers in there too – the Abutions are still flowering their socks off outside, despite the cold.


The little vase below contains more of the same, along with some of the last geranium flowers and some more of the Abutilon. There’s one snapdragon in there too… I still haven’t had the heart to clear the outdoor pot it is in, as it is still lovely and green.


I am so pleased I could join Cathy from “Rambling in the Garden” again – and with so much colour too. Take a look at her vase and the other contributions for this week – they are all inspiring!


Have a lovely week everyone!