In a Vase on Monday: Advent

I went for a walk in the rain this morning – not simply for the pleasure of it(!) but to find a few pieces of greenery for a vase, so that I could join Cathy’s In a Vase on Monday meme again; every week we are challenged to find materials in or near our gardens to bring indoors.

I was extremely lucky to find some berries too, as most are going over or dropping already: rosehips and Euonymous berries joined my bunch of firs, ivy and yew, along with a few red-tinged twigs.


And when I added the Amaryllis (or should I say Hippeastrum?! 😉 ) that my visitors brought with them on Sunday afternoon I had the perfect material to make a really Christmassy arrangement. MondayVase15th2

Here at my kitchen window I was able to muster enough light for a photo, using flash too, but the days are very dark now and I will be happy to see the solstice come and go next week.


Can you see the cookie tin on the left of the picture? 😉

Have a good week, and do take a look at the other vases this week at Cathy’s place (Rambling in the Garden).

35 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Advent

  1. Lovely festive vase Cathy, I see the tin, where is this leading! We are forecast up to 13 degrees by Thursday, I wonder if you will get this unfestive weather too.

    • The cookie tin was a reference to my last post with the cookie recipe… it’s half empty already though. 😉 Same weather here, but hopefully cooling down Christmas week!

    • Thanks Sue. It’s far too mild to snow here, and the chance of a white Christmas has disappeared completely off our weather map! A shame, as it would brighten up the grey world outside!

  2. I like your new header picture – not sure how long you have had that – and love the dark shades of red and green in your vase. I had to smile at your reference to the amaryllis/hippeastrum as I have only recently realised there is a distinction after reading an RHS article and Chloris’ recent post and had made a mental note to make sure I use the correct term if I show mine on the blog. I have also decided that this year I may well cut the flower spikes when they open as the RHS articles suggested they lasted just as long in water. Did yours come as a cut flower or a plant? It looks great complemented by the berries and the foliage and you must be well pleased with it – thanks for sharing it with us 🙂

    • Hi Cathy. Have had the header a couple of weeks, but it was actually photographed last autumn as we haven’t had any nice crisp frosts yet this year! (Strange weather!) The reference to Hippeastrum was intentional, because of that discussion on Christine’s and Chloris’s pages! I don’t think most people I know would have the foggiest idea what I was talking about if I started calling them Hippeastrum, so I shall continue to use the incorrect name for simplicity’s sake, or the German common name Ritterstern which, translated literally, is “Knight’s Star”. This one was a cut flower, so I don’t know the sort. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts in water as I have never tried that before. Will keep you posted!

      • The RHS article suggested putting a rubber band round the bottom to prevent the stem splitting and splaying, and perhaps wire up the stem if it looks likely to lean – if you try either of those let me know as I am eyeing up my ??? bud which is just opening. Taking the intended ‘audience’ into account is of course another facet of the naming argument, but I would hope we would all be true to ourselves and call things the names we would if we were talking to ourselves 😉

  3. A very festive choice of materials Cathy and what good idea to combine your lovely amaryllis/hippeastrum with foliage from the garden. I too am looking forward to the solstice – it always feel good to get the shortest day behind us.

  4. Oh how lovely and festive with the deep red and green. I wonder if the Hippeastrum is Red Lion, which is one I am growing this year. I hope it is, it’ s lovely. The berries set it off beautifully too.

    • It does look like Red Lion, which I’ve grown before. I have one growing in a pot too, but it won’t flower for a while yet… I think it’s called Christmas Star, but I planted it too late!

  5. It’s gorgeous, Cathy. Amaryllis and voila; it’s looking like Christmas! 🙂 What kind of cookies do you have in your little box on the left? Any favorites?
    Happy Holidays from the Four of us,
    Dina xo

    • Advent is just as important as Christmas itself here, so everyone likes both the activity of baking as well as offering Advent guests home made goodies. And people give little tins or bags away all the time too. 🙂

  6. Lovely vase of flowers Cathy! I am surprised that you still have all the colorful berries and flowers. They are predicting snow and maybe ice for us the weekend, another 4-5 inches. I do see the tin of cookies, what is your favorite cookie? Merry Christmas! 🙂

    • Hi Susie. This vase is just ideal for the season and should last a while, although the amaryllis had to come out as the stem flopped! I’ll try and find a few more berries to top it up if I have time.

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