In a Vase on Monday: a Candle for the Solstice

At three minutes past midnight the winter solstice occurred here in Germany, and I am glad! This means that the shortest day is behind us and soon we will notice a little more light.


In the meantime we need all the light we can get, so here is my contribution..


That’s Elvin, our house elk, peeping out from behind….


It is not exactly a vase, I know, but the materials are from my garden/ the hedge just outside my garden – rosehips, spindle berries, fir and larch cones and a little greenery. So I am linking in to Cathy’s In a Vase on Monday meme again and would like to thank her and all the other creators of vases who have been such an inspiration to me this past year! Take a look at today’s contributions, including some shocking pink(!) at Rambling in the Garden.

Here are a couple of updates; firstly, last week’s vase looks just as fresh as day one… except for the Amaryllis/Hippeastrum, which barely lasted the week in a vase. If you should decide to cut one for a vase, follow Cathy’s advice and put wire around the stem to stop it splitting or bending.

And now the branches I cut on the 4th of December to bring indoors (see my post here); I gave up on the Elder producing even a leaf, and was not surprised it still shows no signs of life… maybe the German Wikipedia list of possible “Barbara” branches to flower in winter should be updated! I removed the water from the vase to simply use it as decorative twigs. 🙂

The hazel catkins have been opening for several days now and look very effective with their dusty hint of yellow.


And the Forsythia is showing a few flowers, although I think it would need a warmer spot to flower properly at this time of year.


(If anyone else tried this, I’d love to know how your branches did!)

So, now to wish you all a very

Happy Christmas!


“Lighting one candle
from another –
Winter night”

by Yosa Buson (18th century Japanese poet and painter)

Have a wonderful week, stay warm and dry, and take care!