Welcome to 2015!


I hope you all have a fabulous gardening year; with no moles or voles or rats or rabbits, plenty of warm sunshine and gentle rain, and lots of birds and bees and butterflies!

Looking at the garden on New Year’s Eve, with all this snow, it’s hard to believe it will ever be green again…


But soon I will see this when I look out of my window…


And before I know it I will be seeing this…


Savour every minute of every day.

Happy 2015!


52 thoughts on “Welcome to 2015!

  1. You certainly have plenty of snow, it’s good to look back over the year, I’d forgotten just how many flowers there are over the year! Happy New Year Cathy to you and yours and I hope it is a wonderful gardening year for us all!

  2. Happy New Year Cathy, wow you do have alot of snow! Here it is ivy cold with tempeatures dipping to minus 5 and not much higher during the day. It very good to think of spring.

  3. You forgot about the squirrels Cathy πŸ™‚ You certainly have had a good layer of snow but everything underneath will be keeping most cosy. Happy New Year to you.

    • Oh yes, although the squirrels in my garden are not really a problem. We managed to salvage quite a few hazelnuts for ourselves this year! I’m glad we had snow before it got cold, as it really does make a difference to the ground temperature, but it is already melting as temperatures hover around and just above freezing point. Happy New Year Anna!

  4. Happy New Year Cathy! What a wonderful snowy image, it does transform the landscape so dramatically. There is snow on the nearby mountains on the mainland but none at all here, nor do I expect any (famous last words…)

    I look forward to following your garden adventure in 2015! And to getting more yummy recipes…

    • Happy New Year Janet! I must admit the snow, which is now a sloshy mess, has dampened my enthusiasm a bit. If it was cold and frozen I could enjoy it more! Still, at least it brightens things up a bit until the extra daylight starts to kick in. πŸ™‚

  5. Happy 2015!
    The spring and summer photos sure don’t make me look forward to more snow. Maybe I do need to thinking about moving to warmer climes πŸ™‚

    • Happy New Year Frank! Yes, I occasionally wonder if a warmer climate might be nice. But the snow won’t last long and I am still convinced it’s going to be a short winter for us all! πŸ˜‰

  6. Happy New Year Cathy…we have snow again and then sleet on top of that and freezing rain on top of that and then rain…it is a soggy mess, but I love the look of it and know it is nourishing my garden!

  7. Happy New Year! Going through my photos is a great way to remind myself of how much is growing in my garden even though it looks so empty now. Great post to remind us of what’s to come. πŸ™‚

    • And here it is a slushy mess now; at around 0 degrees the whole time it isn’t really freezing, but it isn’t really melting either! Stay warm!

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