In a Vase on Monday: Green

Well, it’s been a little breezy around here the last few days… to say the least.


And a lot of dead wood came down from our trees, as well as a few green bits of fir trees, and a rather large piece of ivy…

So for Cathy’s challenge to fill a vase with materials from my own garden every Monday, here is today’s (tongue in cheek) “arrangement”!

The Ivy Tree


See the poorly Poinsettia to the right? I’m about as successful with them as I am with Cyclamen! And to the left they are nut shells in the fireplace, waiting to be burnt in the next fire.

It just seemed such a shame to put all that fresh green on the compost heap. So, propped up with a Miscanthus stem it has been given a few days’ reprieve on our fireplace.


I didn’t want to chop it about, although I know it is a bit of an odd shape, but it makes me smile each time I walk past. It appeals to my sense of humour!



These leaves seem to defy winter with their rich colour.


Have a look at “Rambling in the Garden” today, where Cathy presents her vase for this Monday along with links to lots of other vases from around the globe.