In a Vase on Monday: A Japanese Breeze

Once again Monday is here – time to join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her Monday vase meme, and collect some materials from my garden to bring indoors and place in a vase.


This lovely blue vase was given to me years ago by my sister and was the inspiration for this week’s Japanese theme. I like the tree silhouettes on the white background, which remind me of birches in winter – a familiar sight. And I love the shape of the vase too.

Pickings are few and far between at the moment (it keeps snowing and sleeting!), so I started with a twig – a dead piece of Beech. Then came the fresh green Ivy from one of my patio pots, some variegated Vinca, purply Euphorbia and a Hellebore leaf.


Using my imagination, the twig has tiny cherry flowers just opening on it, the Ivy is a fresh sprig of Japanese maple in spring, the Vinca is some wafty Bamboo, the Euphorbia a pinky red Chrysanthemum flower, and the Hellebore is a Gingko leaf!


Over 20 years ago now I spent some time in Japan, teaching English, and naturally I collected some bits and pieces while there, a couple of which I have added here as props; the tiny basket on the left came from one of the tourist spots outside Tokyo, but the bell was a simple decoration sold at many temples. It had a long strip of paper hanging from the little clapper (I think a prayer was written on it), and the idea was that on a hot and humid summer’s day the tiniest breeze would catch the paper, making the bell ring, and thus make you feel cooler. It works too. I had this at the kitchen window in my flat, and when I heard it I would think “Ooh, how lovely – a breeze”, although I barely felt it!

So this week’s vase has made me reminisce a little, and also be glad that I no longer have to suffer the heat and humidity of a Japanese summer in a flat with a tin roof and no air conditioning! 🙂


Thanks once again to our host – Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, who has this week produced another lovely arrangement – do go over and take a look!

Have a nice week and stay warm!