In a Vase on Monday: Coming In From the Cold

Every Monday I join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden in her challenge to gather materials from my garden to bring indoors. And in February it really is a challenge!

We had more snow today, but I was determined not to be beaten, so this afternoon I wrapped up and went ambling around the garden in my wellies and cut a few bits and bobs… Hazel catkins, which have thawed out since last week’s icy coating, some dwarf Miscanthus that has been flattened so often but stands up again once shaken free of snow, one piece of Mahonia – with a bud that might even open indoors if I’m lucky, and a few pieces of Euonymus europaeus with the seedheads still attached.


The best light was outdoors! But of course, I couldn’t leave it there. So I brought it in from the cold for a few more photos. 🙂

Some of the catkins in our garden have already opened, and others are still tightly closed… these will soon be making us sneeze I fear! But I love having them indoors.


The Miscanthus is so pretty when the seedheads go all fluffy, and I do love the Euonymus seedcases too…

Why don’t you join in and look for something to put in a vase on Monday. Cathy has composed a lovely musical arrangement today, so do go and take a look! Thanks for hosting Cathy!